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Terms and Conditions
Customer Care

Retailer identification
IAF NETWORK S.p.A. capitalized at EUR 200.000,00, with Head Office at Via Flero 46 South tower, 25125 Brescia Italy

Application of the terms and conditions
An order placed by the Customer implies they accept all the present terms and conditions.

Validity of our offers
The items displayed on the site are available until depletion of stocks.
In the event of debit or payment of an order for an item which is unavailable, IAFSTORE shall offer the Customer a credit note or refund within 15 days.
IAFSTORE shall send an email to any Customer who has placed an order for an item which is unavailable.

Presentation of products
All products for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible.
However, IAFSTORE cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions which may occur in this presentation.
During the summer period (June-September) the purchase of chocolate-based bars or snacks is not recommended; these products are stored in IAFSTORE stores at controlled temperatures. however during the transport by the courier these products could go through phases of dissolution, IAFSTORE will not be responsible for the arrival at destination of non-intact or loose products.

Price of products
Prices are in Euro, U.S. Dollars, Pound Sterling inclusive of VAT for the Italy.
We reserve the right to change prices if there is a change in the VAT rate. These changes may be passed on in the price of the items without previously informing the customer.
IAFSTORE reserves the right to change its prices at any time but products are invoiced at the price applicable when the order is registered.

Online deadlines
To ensure the complete safety and an optimal shopping experience of its customers, IAFSTORE indicates for each product and flavour a special deadline.
No distinction is made between "best by dates" and peremptory deadlines, in order to ensure an even greater security of your product. The online user will only see the words "expires on".
All scans of deadlines and lots will be reported in the tax documents to ensure full traceability of the products sold by IAFSTORE.
In some isolated cases IAFSTORE cannot guarantee that, due to technical and logistical problems, the deadlines visible online don't differ, by a few days, from those applicable to the products setnt, both in excess and in temporal defect.

Extra EU

Prices for non-EU countries are quoted exclusive of VAT.
Any order placed on the site and delivered to non-EU countries may be subject to any taxes, customs duties or documentation that are imposed when the package is delivered.
These costs are not included in the shipping costs incurred on IAFSTORE.
Duties, taxes and documentation associated with the delivery of an item are, in fact, the customer's responsibility.

IAFSTORE is not obliged to verify the customs duties, applicable taxes, the documentation that may be required and cannot know in advance the amount or the documentation required during the processing by the customs of the country of destination.

We therefore inform you that by ordering on the IAFSTORE site, you are considered the official importer and are therefore required to comply with all the laws and rules of the country in which you receive the goods. You can refer to your consulate or embassy for more information.
Cross-border deliveries may be subject to an opening and inspection procedure by customs.


The client validates their order as noted above. This validation means you accept the present Terms and Conditions.
Is it possible to modify an already confirmed order?
Once the order is confirmed, it is immediately sent to the warehouse for collection.
Therefore we ask you to check your order before confirming it, as once sent it will not be possible to modify it.
First delivery attempt
If the first delivery attempt is not successful because the receiver is absent, the parcel is taken to the nearest Access Point to the delivery address, that will keep it until the end of the time available for the collect; after this time, the parcel returns back to the sender.
IAFNETWORK invites the customers to check the position of the Access Point with the tracking page to personally collect the package or to contact the Customer Service to request the re-delivery to the original address.

Treatment of packages not delivered by our courier
These are consignments which have not been delivered to the final destination for the following reasons: Undeliverable, not claimed, refused, damaged in transit, opened...

  • Returned as “UNDELIVERABLE”:
    Consignments returned by the transporter with the following remark: Undeliverable.
    Once we have received and accepted your consignment, IAFSTORE will contact the customer in order to send the order if the product is still available or to offer a refund if the customer prefers.
    IAFSTORE reserves the right to offer a refund for the order and not to re-ship it in the event several Undeliverables have been identified.
  • Returns due to "NOT CLAIMED":
    Consignments which have not been claimed by the customer within the time limits.
    Once we have received and accepted your consignment, IAFSTORE will contact the customer in order to re-ship the order if the product is still available or to offer a refund if the customer prefers.
    IAFSTORE reserves the right to offer a refund of the order and not re-ship it if several " NOT CLAIMED" have been identified.
  • Returns due to "REFUSED":
    You have refused your consignment on delivery.
    Once we have received and accepted your consignment,a credit note will be put in your customer account in the 72 hours following receipt of your consignment. You can request the cancellation of your credit note and its refund directly in our CUSTOMER SERVICE section.

In the event a consignment is returned due to " UNDELIVERABLE ", "NOT CLAIMED ", or "REFUSED", IAFSTORE cannot guarantee the reservation of items ordered and may need to offer a refund for the order if the product(s) is/are unavailable.

In case of non-delivery of the order and return of the goods at our office, shipping costs and customs duties will be charged to the customer, and during the refund will be curtailed from the amount of the order.
The reimbursement then will have a reduction in respect of these shipping costs and customs duties.
Damaged package
Sign with reserve in case of damaged package.


For all stages, from access to the site, browsing, filling in forms,placing an order, delivering items or any other service, IAF NETWORK S.p.A. only has an obligation for due care. Therefore, IAF NETWORK S.p.A. cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damages arising from the use of the Internet and completely outside the diligence and precautions taken by IAF NETWORK S.p.A..
In particular, IAF NETWORK S.p.A. cannot be held responsible for any disruption in provision of the service, or any external intrusion or presence of a computer virus.Similarly, any event which qualifies as force majeure in the legal sense by the French Court of Appeals fully exonerates IAF NETWORK S.p.A. from all responsibility. Customers benefit from guarantees offered by the brands listed on the site.


All products for sale on IAFSTORE are covered by a legal guarantee of conformity provided by art. 128-135 of the Italian Consumer Code.
The legal warranty lasts two years from delivery of the goods and must be invoked by the consumer whithin two months of the discovery of the defect.
The consumer may assert their rights to legal warranty by referring directly to IAFSTORE.
In case of lack of conformity the consumer must contact IAFSTORE opening a ticket here


The indication of the time of delivery of the order is given as an indication.
There may be circumstances in which the processing time indicated is delayed for several hours due to technical / logistics reasons.

The time stamp for day-to-day shipment (if any) may be subject to variations and delays for orders made using a credit card payment method. Such a delay may be attributed to checks carried out by credit institutions and credit card issuers.

In case of delay in delivery or non-delivery please contact the customer service opening a ticket here


Free Products
Add-ons in the order may vary depending on availability at the time of order completion. For free products there is no possibility to make a change, not even a change of size

Last minute

Last Minute items are short-term products sold at an advantageous price. They are marked with the price in green, the expiry date in bold and a yellow triangle warning the customer to pay special attention.
Given the short expiry date and the particular price conditions of the product IAFSTORE reserves the right not to accept returns, exchanges or anomalies on these specific products.


Intellectual Property

All elements on the IAFSTORE site, visual or audio,including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright,brand and patent law.
They remain the exclusive property of IAFSTORE.
All hypertext links forwarding to IAFSTORE and using in particular framing, deep-linking, in-line linking or any other deep linking technology is strictly prohibited.
In all events, any link, even authorised, must be removed when requested by IAFSTORE


Personal Data

IAFSTORE, in the interest of the service, reserves the right to collect personal data about site users, in particular using "Cookies".
IAFSTORE also reserves the right to use data collected on the site for commercial purposes.
In all cases, and in compliance with law, any user or customer of the site may, at any time, contest with the commercial use of this data and also has rights to access, rectify and delete their personal data.




For information on orders, products, etc.:

  • if you are registered on the site, log in and open a support ticket here: Tickets
  • if you are not registered on the site, write to: help@iafstore.com

For return requests, write to: resi@iafstore.com


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