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Health and wellness

In the wellness section you can an accurate and comprehensive selection of natural products, herbal supplements, herbal essence, for the care of the body. In the wide range of herbal products you can find supplements to support the immune system, vitamins and minerals, omega and herbal extracts. Essential oils, Bach flower remedies, herbal teas and infusions.

Health and wellness

IAFSTORE SUPPLEMENTS Vitamins 90 tablets € 7,99 € 9,99

Votes: 253 IAFSTORE Vitamins 90 tablets. VITAMINS is a high-dose multi-vitamin dietary supplement, in tablet form, and is suitable for adult athletes who are training intensively.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ferro Liposomiale 30 capsules € 14,99

Votes: 124 Yamamoto® Research Ferro Liposomiale 30 capsules. Ferro Liposomiale is a food supplement providing 30 mg per daily dose of LIPOFER™ microcapsules microencapsulated liposomal iron. Iron contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin* and to normal oxygen transport in the body*. The product is completed with the addition of vitamin C which increases iron absorption. FERRO LIPOSOMIALE Yamamoto Research is formulated with microencapsulated iron pyrophosphate in liposome form (Lipofer®) with the addition of Vitamin C to further increase absorption and bioavailability of the mineral, making its integration more effective, along with an almost total absence of the common side effects.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml € 45,99

Votes: 340 Yamamoto Research Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml. Innevitil is a food supplement designed for the beauty of the skin and realized to provide hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid to the body. A key element in the product is Collagen of high absorption marine origin, which gives the skin resistance, increasing its tone and firmness. Contains hyaluronic acid that contributes to the formation of the scaffold that supports our skin, maintaining an effective hydration and turgor cutaneous, thanks to its ability to bind and retain large amounts of water. Great innovation in this kind of products comes from Setria, a modern version of glutathione that can be taken orally, which allows us to have the most powerful antioxidants available not only to counteract the action of free radicals, but recent studies have confirmed that its integration has action in the "lighting" of the skin, improving its shine and compactness.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Multivita UOMO® 30 capsules € 14,99

Votes: 205 Yamamoto® Research Multivita UOMO® 30 capsules. Multivita UOMO® is a vitamin and mineral food supplement, with other nutritional factors, designed specifically for adult men of all ages and for the well-being of their body.

SOLGAR The Guardians 30 vegetarian capsules € 19,37

Votes: 2 Solgar The Guardians 30 vegetarian capsules

SOLGAR Multinutrient 30 tablets € 18,72

Votes: 19 Solgar Multinutrient 30 tablets. Dietary supplement

SOLGAR Advanced Omega D3 120 softgel pearls € 31,90

Votes: 14 Solgar Advanced Omega D3 120 softgel pearls, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, source of omega-3

NATURAL POINT Magnesio Supremo 300 grams € 18,98 € 25,30

Votes: 40 Natural Point Magnesio Supremo 300g. How many times have we sought relief from excessive tiredness and chronic fatigue? Did you know that magnesium deficiency is often one of the main causes? Lack of magnesium in the diet is a very common phenomenon caused by incorrect food preparation and cooking. Learning how to properly supplement magnesium can brighten up your day.

ENERZONA Omega 3 RX 240 capsules of 1 gram € 61,99

Votes: 45 Enerzona Omega 3 RX 240 capsules. Omega-3s are "essential" fatty acids because our body is not capable of producing them. Consequently, they must be acquired through one's diet, or in the event of low intake or increased demand, with supplements.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Cordyceps 30 capsules € 23,99

Votes: 109 Yamamoto® Research Cordyceps 30 capsules. Cordyceps is a food supplement providing 1000 mg/daily dose of cordyceps extract. It is also capable of improving endurance sports performance, increasing cellular bioenergy (ATP) up to 55%, translating into greater fatigue resistance. Cordyceps sinensis is a potent immunostimulant and certainly an excellent recovery medicine, useful in all cases of immune system difficulties. It is considered a powerful tonic and antidepressant and has been proved to be very useful in the treatment of insomnia and stress. It has strong antioxidant properties and protects the body from damage caused by free radicals, especially in the brain. In older people it favours greater vitality, better tolerance to cold and a strengthening of memory.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Advanced Omega 60 capsules € 24,99

Votes: 165 Yamamoto Research Omega 60 capsules. Advanced Omega is a dietary supplement based on concentrated fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function and physiological vision. Our ADVANCED OMEGA uses "100% wild caught" fish oil in an ultra-purified form in the form of TRIGLYCERIDES. It is supplied in the same chemical structure and composition as oil found naturally in fish. From a technical point of view it is possible to produce Omega 3 concentrates that are in their natural TG form but one more step is needed, which obviously increases their costs by 50% to 80% compared to the Ethyl-Esters, but which makes the oil more precious, because as science shows us, it is absorbed much more easily and is readily available to the body. Several products that have opted for the added value of "wild caught" use a concentration of 50%, for example, ADVANCED OMEGA contains 100% wild caught fish oil.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Magnesax® 30 sachets of 3,5 grams € 21,99

Votes: 201 Yamamoto® Research Magnesax® 30 sachets of 3,5 grams. Magnesax is a magnesium food supplement, suitable in cases of reduced intake or increased requirement of this nutrient. In addition, magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, supports normal energy metabolism and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for the body, it being the cofactor for a range of enzymes involved in many metabolic processes. In fact, magnesium is needed in many biochemical functions that ensure our body works efficiently. Indeed, magnesium plays a role in muscle contraction, in the normal functioning of the nervous system, in cardiac function and in the digestive system, combating states of fatigue and irritability, impacting upon the maintenance of hydrosaline balance and in the production of cellular energy.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Multivita DONNA® 30 capsules € 14,99

Votes: 153 Yamamoto® Research Multivita DONNA® 30 capsules. Multivita DONNA® is a vitamin and mineral food supplement, providing other nutritional factors, designed specifically for adult women of all ages, as a support to the well-being of their body.

PHARMALIFE Myline - Sgonfia e Drena 60 tablets € 16,80 € 28,00

Votes: 7 Pharmalife Myline - Sgonfia e Drena 60 tablets. Myline Sgonfia e Drena is a food supplement based on plant extracts such as Birch, Pilosella, Fennel and Cherry, which help drain the body fluids; in addition, the birch helps the body's purifying functions, while green tea provides support in the balance of body weight.

SPECCHIASOL VitaVit Magnesium and Potassium 24 sachets of 2,9 grams € 6,54 € 10,90

Votes: 4 Specchiasol VitaVit Magnesium and Potassium 24 sachets of 2,9g. Magnesium and Potassium are very important Mineral Salts for our body; in fact, a lack of them can lead to excessive fatigue, muscular pains and mood swings.

ZUCCARI [AloeVera]2 - Succo Puro d'Aloe + Enertonici 1000ml € 20,07 € 29,95

Votes: 1 Zuccari [AloeVera]2 - Succo Puro d'Aloe + Enertonici 1000ml. For the first time all the properties of pure Aloe juice (purifying and emollient-soothing action of the gastro-intestinal tract) are associated to the virtues of the Royal jelly.

SPECCHIASOL Epid Propoli Plus Oral Spray with Aromatic Herbs 15ml € 5,58 € 9,30

Votes: 6 Specchiasol Epid Propoli Plus Spray Orale con Erbe Balsamiche 15ml. E.P.I.D.® Oral Spray Balsamic Herbs Taste contains Agrimony, which is particularly suitable for the well-being and relief of the throat, and propolis.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Melograno Punica granatum 30 capsules € 5,99

Votes: 4 Yamamoto® Research Melograno Punica granatum 30 capsules. Pool of precious substances for health, characterised mainly by a very high concentration of antioxidant substances useful for protecting the human body from free radicals and delaying the cell aging process.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Enteroflor 30 capsules € 25,99

Votes: 8 Yamamoto® Research Enteroflor 30 capsules. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the most important "friendly" bacterium in the small intestine and promotes the ideal environment for the proper digestion and assimilation of food.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ashwagandha 30 capsules € 15,99

Votes: 223 Yamamoto® Research Ashwagandha 30 capsules. Dietary supplement designed for physical and mental well-being. Ashwagandha contributes to relaxation, mental and physical well-being* and has adaptogenic properties**. Its activities against anxiety and severe fatigue are widely acknowledged, as are its ability to promote improved rest and relaxation, a genuine natural anti-stress agent. Our supplement contains Ashwagandha as a patented KSM-66® root extract, the version with the highest concentration of witanolides (5%) and the highest number of certifications, as well as the largest number of scientific studies, to guarantee maximum quality and ensure safety in use.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Levoris® 30 capsules € 17,99

Votes: 86 Yamamoto® Research Levoris® 30 capsules. Levoris® is a food supplement based on activated vegetable carbon and plant extracts, indicated for the well-being of the gastrointestinal system. Levoris also provides a daily 1g dose of activated charcoal, which contributes to the reduction of excessive post-prandial flatulence. This dietary supplement is indicated to combat meteorism and promote the physiological elimination of intestinal gas. It contains Charcoal, known for its absorbent properties and some beneficial plant ingredients such as Fennel and Peppermint that contribute to the elimination of gas, regular digestion and gastrointestinal motility. It also contains Camomile which provides an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system and green Anise with its carminative properties which, in addition to counteracting the formation of intestinal gas and promoting its elimination, has an anti-putrefaction and anti-fermentation effect on the intestines.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Coletix® 30 tablets € 9,99

Votes: 76 Yamamoto® Research Coletix® 30 tablets. Coletix® is a dietary supplement based on red-yeast rice (monascus purpureus), with gamma oryzanol and coenzyme Q10. The product provides a 200mg daily dose of red-yeast rice titrated at 5% in monacolin K, which contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of cholesterol in the blood

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Dimezim® 30 tablets € 29,99

Votes: 121 Yamamoto® Research Dimezim® 30 tablets. DIMEZIM is a S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) and Betaine food supplement. Each tablet provides 250 mg of SAME and 200 mg of Betaine. Adenosylmethionine is found in every living cell, and is a substance that is produced naturally by the body from ATP and methionine, synthesised by the enzyme methionine adenosyltransferase. "SAMe" is involved in various biochemical reactions in the human body, with very important tasks like linking methyl groups (“Methylation") to other molecules, from DNA to phospholipids or proteins.

ERBA VITA Sedacist Rapid 6 sachets of 4,5 grams + 6 sachets of 6,5 grams € 12,54 € 19,90

Votes: 3 Erba Vita Sedacist Rapid 6 sachets of 4,5 grams + 6 sachets of 6,5 grams. SEDACIST RAPID sachet is a food supplement based on plant extracts and D-mannose from vegetable sources, in synergy with lactic ferments typified live and active with probiotic action, associated with prebiotics.