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Yamamoto Nutrition® is facing the international sport market with a series of quality sport products, at an exceptional price

Yamamoto Nutrition® is facing the international sport market with a series of quality sport products, at an exceptional price. Yamamoto Nutrition® is gaining confidence of many athletes in various disciplines through research and the continuous improvement of its products.

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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION CreaMASS 500 grams € 11,69 € 12,99

Votes: 166 Yamamoto® Nutrition CreaMass 500g. CreaMASS is a dietary supplement that provides 100% creatine monohydrate. Creatine increases physical performance in case of repetitive, high intensity and short duration activities. CreaMASS contains the most studied form of creatine. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that is present in vertebrates. Approximately 95% of the creatine in the body is located in skeletal muscle.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Glutamass POWDER 600 grams € 23,39 € 25,99

Votes: 192 Yamamoto® Nutrition Glutamass POWDER 600 Grams. Glutamass POWDER is a supplement with glutamine, suitable for athletes undertaking physical activities that require intense muscular effort. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood. Glutamine is essential in certain situations, including strenuous exercise, when the body can not meet its needs by synthesising glutamine.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ultra Whey COMPLEX 2000 grams € 46,79 € 71,99

Votes: 316 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ultra Whey COMPLEX 2000 grams is a food supplement for athletes based on concentrated Whey Concentrate qualità Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 and Isolate Volactive® Ultra Whey XP. Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. The serum proteins are high biological value, rapidly absorbed and naturally contain branched chain amino acids (BCAA). Yamamoto® Nutrition Ultra Whey COMPLEX contains concentrated whey proteins isolated from cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration, it does NOT contain collagen to other elements that alter the quality and the VB of the product.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Iso-FUJI® 700 grams € 26,59 € 37,99

Votes: 227 Yamamoto® Nutrition Iso-FUJI® 700 grams. Iso-FUJI® is a dietary supplement with a whey-protein basis isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration Volactive® Ultra Whey XP quality. Microfiltration is the most expensive process for the isolation of protein supplements with a whey-protein basis, but it is also the one that is best at preserving the integrity and the presence of bio-active protein fractions, which determine the quality of the protein.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION AminoBol® ENERGY 300 grams € 39,94 € 46,99

Votes: 151 Yamamoto® Nutrition AminoBol® ENERGY 300 grams. AminoBol® ENERGY is an Ultimate Super Pre-Workout that stimulates your workout like never before! The tested and true AminoBol® ENERGY formula is powered by ingredients designed to provide you with the energy, strength, and endurance needed to take your workouts to the next level! The product is enriched with BCAA (KyowaQuality®) in the ratio 2:1:1, the dipeptide L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine®) and vitamins that contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (vitamin B6), L-Citrulline, Green tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) leaves d.e. std. 50% caffeine and Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) fruit water powder. The AminoBol® ENERGY mixture provides cutting-edge ingredients, unique in its field and of proven quality. Yamamoto® Nutrition uses only 100% KyowaQuality® Sustamine®.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Bcaa POWDER 8:1:1 300 grams € 21,99

Votes: 229 Yamamoto® Nutrition Bcaa POWDER 8:1:1 300 grams. BCAA POWDER 8:1:1 is a food supplement of branched chain amino acids at fermentation (ratio 8:1:1) with vitamins B1 and B6. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are an important group of essential amino acids consisting of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) account for 35% of the essential amino acids in muscle proteins.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Essential AMINO 240 tablets € 24,99

Votes: 112 Yamamoto® Nutrition Essential Amino 240 tablets. Essential Amino is an essential amino acid fermented supplement suitable for adult athletes who train intensively. During particularly intense and prolonged muscular exercise a negative balance of nitrogen is created, due to the use of amino acids for energy. Therefore taking a supplement containing amino acids within 24-48 hours of intense training sessions seems effective in promoting recovery.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Kamikaze 400 grams € 42,99

Votes: 219 Yamamoto® Nutrition Kamikaze 400g. Kamikaze is a dietary supplement made from the revolutionary CNOP-1 ™ technology. This product is made from ingredients of the highest quality and purity possible, to help maximise your performance during workouts. While developing Kamikaze, the research scientists at Yamamoto® concentrated on nitric oxide mechanisms. Improving this mechanism could produce amazing benefits, in terms of both growth and recovery.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION GlycoBol® 500 grams € 16,79 € 23,99

Votes: 372 Yamamoto® Nutrition GlycoBol® 500 grams. GlycoBol® is a dietary supplement with the original Cluster Dextrin™. HBCD are a new type of glucose polymers. The result is a glucose polymer with ideal properties: for instance, an average molecular weight of 160,000 Da with very low osmolality, and therefore very rapid gastric emptying. Yamamoto® Nutrition uses only the original CLUSTER DEXTRIN™ 100% Made in Japan.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-LIPOROL® 90 capsules € 34,99

Votes: 117 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-LIPOROL® 90 capsules. The powerful new-generation thermogenic. The revolution that this product brings in its typology arises from the insertion of new effective and synergistic active elements (cocoa, green tea, green coffee, Guinea pepper, chilli pepper, bitter orange) to best promote the thermogenesis and mobilisation of accumulated fats without unnecessarily (and damagingly) enriching stimulants.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-DIUREBOL® 180 capsules € 41,99

Votes: 195 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-DIUREBOL® 180 capsules. Ai-DIUREBOL is a dietary supplement containing effective phytoactive elements against excess water retention. Ai-DIUREBOL® comes with the advantages of an improved drainage capacity of subcutaneous liquids and bring improved microcirculation, toxin expulsion and guarantee the protection and ordinary function of the urinary tract, thanks to the synergistic presence of 8 powerful phytoderivative (dandelion, green tea, pilosella, Bromelain, bearberry, L-asparagine, goldenrod, centella) elements in high concentration.


Votes: 16 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ultra B ADVANCED 60 Tablets. Broad-spectrum and high-dose B vitamins. With the presence of vitamin B12 in methylcobalamin, a methylated and definitely more absorbable form of cobalamin.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION MultiPRO 80 tablets € 15,99

Votes: 28 Yamamoto® Nutrition MultiPRO 80 tablets. MultiPRO is a multivitamin and mineral food supplement, with high dosage vitamins.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION About BREAKFAST 600 grams € 20,14 € 30,99

Votes: 11 Yamamoto Nutrition About BREAKFAST 600 grams. About BREAKFAST is a food supplement based on wholemeal oatmeal and egg white proteins, with a mix of enzymes. It can be used as a classic supplement based on flour and egg protein to shake with water or milk. Or as a preparation, in particular, for pancakes.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Energan® 700 grams € 41,99 € 59,99

Votes: 8 Yamamoto® Nutrition Energan® 700 grams. With the development of the “FLEX SERIES” range, being highly sought-after by our Mr Olympia 212 Flex Lewis, we present the workhorse by which it is represented, a mixture to be taken in the “intra-workout” period, developed to better support the needs of any high-level athlete, with the best that science and quality raw materials can offer the market.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-BURN® 120 capsules € 22,99

Votes: 18 Yamamoto Nutrition Ai-BURN® New Formula 120 capsules. AI BURN New Formula is a food supplement providing L-Tyrosine, plant extracts and caffeine, to be used in the context of low-calorie diets for weight control.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Super GREENS New Formula 200 grams € 21,99

Votes: 19 Yamamoto® Nutrition Super GREENS 200 grams. Super GREENS is a formula based on a combination of over 50 phytonutrients from plant extracts, fruit and vegetable concentrates, vitamins and minerals.


Votes: 10 Yamamoto® Nutrition Alka AMINO NEW FORMULA 240 tablets. The new version of Alka AMINO came about as an evolution of the previous one, to maximise the concept of maintaining physiological hydration so that performance remains high. This is achieved thanks to a valuable concentration of electrolytes and by bringing together essential amino acids, to be used quickly at the most critical times for any athlete: before, during and after performance.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Flex FORMULA® New Formula 60 capsules € 18,99

Votes: 47 Yamamoto® Nutrition Flex FORMULA® New Formula 60 capsules. The new formula comes in a revamped format with type II collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate in the form of the "ChondrActiv ™" mixture patented by Diana Naturals, Glucosamine, Boswellia Extract (BosliQ®AKBA), Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION TestoROL New Formula 40 tablets € 20,99

Votes: 60 Yamamoto® Nutrition TestoROL 40 tablets. TestoROL is a supplement that makes use of the best science has to offer and can demonstrate in the field, without creating false illusions or "illusory" claims. It enhances the response to psycho-physical stress thanks to the support it provides in the shape of plant extracts and proven active elements. It enhances the state of well-being of the hormonal axis of athletes who undergo intense stress and thus run the risk of adverse effects.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION PureMINERAL + SUSTAMINE® 14 sachets of 3 grams € 11,99

Votes: 49 Yamamoto® Nutrition PureMINERAL + SUSTAMINE® 14 sachets of 3 grams. is a magnesium and potassium food supplement, providing L-alanyl L-Glutamine (Sustamine®). Sustamine® adds alanyl-glutamine to an oral rehydration solution or beverages to increase the absorption of water and electrolytes at the cellular level.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION StrongMASS 2400 grams € 29,89 € 45,99

Votes: 47 Yamamoto® Nutrition StrongMASS 2400 grams. "All-in-one" supplement based on macro- and micronutrients with the addition of vitamins and minerals, creatine, glutamine, arginine, BCAA, citrulline, tribulus, alpha-lipoic acid and digestive enzymes. Only StrongMASS can give you a single portion of 1101 calories, 55 grams of protein and a mixture of carbohydrates (maltodextrin DE6) and MCT fats, linseed oil.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Muscle Whey COMPLEX 2000 grams € 37,04 € 56,99

Votes: 106 Yamamoto® Nutrition Muscle Whey COMPLEX 2000 grams. Food supplement based on whey protein concentrate Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 WPC80 quality.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-DREN® 120 capsules € 29,99

Votes: 51 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-DREN® 120 capsules. Ai-DREN® is a food supplement with a high fibre content as well as other functional ingredients. n particular, the plant extracts it contains contribute to the body's detoxifying functions (Dandelion, Wakame), the drainage of body fluids (cranberry, cherry) and maintenance of normal urinary tract function (Lespedeza). Also, the rhubarb extract promotes regular bowel movements and digestive function. Finally, the iodine contributes to maintaining normal skin. Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-DREN® is undoubtedly one of the best products in its class. The high dosage of active ingredients it contains makes it a very powerful product. Recommended for those seeking the best, without compromises!

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