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Products for the treatment of face, neck and bust as moisturizers, firming and anti-aging creams, and firming and anti-cellulite treatments for the body.
Shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments, as well as a section dedicated to men, and a wide range of solar creams, from sunscreen to self-tanning creams.


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RVB LAB Hydra Booster Foundation Fondotinta Idratante 30 ml € 26,91 € 29,90 Rvb Lab Hydra Booster Foundation Fondotinta Idratante 30 ml. A new generation foundation, with an innovative formula and multiple actions. The skin is uniform, delicately smooth and perfectly hydrated and radiant.

BLISTEX Crema Mani Intensiva Pelli Sensibili 75 ml € 5,95 € 7,00 Blistex Crema Mani Intensiva Pelli Sensibili 75 ml. Thanks to the combination of moisturizing, repairing ingredients and natural extracts, the high-concentration formula of Blistex Intensive Sensitive Skin Hand Cream guarantees immediate rehydration and a soothing and repairing action for heavily reddened and chapped hands.

BLISTEX Lip Infusions - Nourish 75 ml € 4,90 € 7,00 Blistex Lip Infusions - Nourish 75 ml. Thanks to the combination of moisturizing, repairing ingredients and natural extracts, the high-concentration formula of Blistex Intensive Hand Cream guarantees immediate rehydration and a soothing and repairing action on heavily red and chapped hands.

DUCRAY Kelual DS - Shampoo Trattante Forfora Severa 100ml € 9,90 € 15,90

Votes: 1 Ducray Kelual DS - Shampoo Trattante Forfora Severa 100ml. Ducray Kelual DS - Severe Dandruff Treatment Shampoo is a shampoo that eliminates dandruff for a long time and soothes the scalp quickly. Its complete formula based on purifying and complementary active ingredients acts on all the factors responsible for the appearance of severe dandruff. Kelual DS Shampoo counteracts the reappearance of dandruff.

NUXE Men- Multipurpose Shower Gel 200ml € 5,78 € 10,50 Nuxe Men- Multipurpose Shower Gel 200ml. Nuxe Men - Multipurpose Shower Gel is a shower gel with oak and hornbeam extracts that gently cleanses the face, body and hair. Doana a real energizing sensation.

BIONIKE Defence - Eye Crema Anti-Rughe 15 ml € 17,75 € 25,00 Bionike Defense - Eye Anti-Wrinkle Cream 15 ml. It prevents and reduces small wrinkles, reducing the depth of existing ones.

BIONIKE Defence - Eye Anti-Dark Circles Cream 15 ml € 17,50 € 25,00 Bionike Defence - Eye Anti-Dark Circles Cream 15 ml. Bionike Defense Anti Dark Circles Cream brightens the eye area by reducing dark shadows and signs of fatigue. Ophthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

BIONIKE Defence - Eye Gel Anti-Bags 15 ml € 19,75 € 25,00 Bionike Defense - Eye Gel Anti-Bags 15 ml. Bionike Defense Eye Gel Anti-Bags helps to reduce bags from the first applications. It helps to mitigate periocular swellings thanks to the adjuvant action on the surface microcirculation thanks to the Plankton extract.

BLISTEX Lip Infusions - Nourish 3,7 grams € 2,95 € 5,90 Blistex Lip Infusions - Nourish 3,7 grams. Blistex Lip Infusions Nourish thanks to its specific formulation provides the lips with deep and lasting nourishment without greasing.

HELAN Capelvenere - Bioaceto Lucidante 100ml € 11,50 Helan Capelvenere - Bioaceto Lucidante 100ml. Until a few decades ago it could happen that people took a shower, including hair, with the use of soap, thereby inevitably raising the pH of the skin, including the scalp, with drying of the keratin structures and consequent stringy, dry, easily electrified hair. and rebels to roost. To restore shine, elasticity and pleasantness to the hair, ancient folk customs suggested rinsing them with vinegar which, restoring the skin's pH to natural levels, gave new life and beauty to the hair.

BIONIKE Aknet - Pro>Skin 30 capsules € 14,93 € 18,90 Bionike Aknet - Pro>Skin 30 capsules. Food supplement formulated according to the principles of dermobiotics, a branch of dermatology that offers new treatment perspectives based on the correlation between intestinal flora (microbiota) and skin well-being. Aknet Pro> Skin Food supplement is designed with specific probiotics and biotin to rebalance the intestinal microbiota in order to help improve dermatological manifestations.

APIVITA Latte Detergente Struccante 3 in 1 Viso e Occhi 200ml € 13,41 € 14,90

Votes: 4 Apivita Latte Detergente Struccante 3 in 1 Viso e Occhi 200ml. Purify and refresh the skin with APIVITA's 3-in-1 cleansing milk for face and eyes, a multi-use formula that effectively removes dirt and make-up without drying the skin.

APIVITA Aqua Beelicious Gel Idratante Viso Occhi 15ml € 16,11 € 17,90

Votes: 2 Apivita Aqua Beelicious Gel Idratante Viso Occhi 15ml. Aqua Beelicious Moisturizing Face Eye Gel is expertly formulated with a floral fusion of cistus, iris, wild rose and honey, super-moisturizing ingredients, which immediately replenish the skin's hydration reserves.

BIO-OIL Gel Pelle Secca 200ml € 15,36 € 19,95 Bio-Oil Gel Pelle Secca 200ml. product Traditional products for dry skin are mostly made up of water, which evaporates on contact with the skin, bringing no benefit. Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel, on the other hand, is made up of very little water and a large amount of oils and butters, which are essential for maintaining hydration and fighting dryness.

GUAM Fangocrema € 25,04 € 30,90

Votes: 4 Guam Mud Cream 250 ml. Natural product, against cellulite skin blemishes. It is used as a cream.

AVÈNE Fluido Freschezza Opacizzante 50 ml € 16,22 € 23,50 Avène Fluido Freschezza Opacizzante 50 ml. Fluido Freschezza Opacizzante is a cosmetic for sensitive normal to combination skin, with natural extract of red fruits, skin cell booster, associated with a stable form of antioxidant vitamin E.

ISDIN Nutradeica Shampoo Antiforfora Grassa 200ml € 13,52 € 16,90

Votes: 1 Isdin Nutradeica Shampoo Antiforfora Grassa 200ml. Reduces excess sebum, relieves itching and reduces dandruff, leaving hair soft, shiny and hydrated.

BIODERMA Sébium H2O Soluzione Micellare Detergente 500ml € 13,70 € 18,90 Bioderma Sébium H2O Soluzione Micellare Detergente 500ml. Sébium H2O is the first make-up remover micellar water specific for combination or oily skin, which imitates the natural composition of the skin for a perfect cleansing action and absolute respect for even the most sensitive skin

BIODERMA Sébium Mat Control 30ml € 11,18 € 14,90 Bioderma Sébium Mat Control 30ml. Sébium Mat Control is a product that moisturizes and soothes for up to 8 hours: it acts deeply from the first application for a naturally beautiful skin. Biologically regulates the shine (zinc, vitamin B6), refines the skin texture and narrows the pores (active with keratolytic and astringent action), limits the appearance of imperfections (Fluidactiv ™ patent The patented Fluidactiv complex biologically regulates the quality of the sebum and provides long-lasting protection against clogged pores that often cause skin imperfections. Sébium MAT Control is the soothing mattifying treatment . Soothing and mattifying treatment that works by biologically regulating the shine, refining

URIAGE Age Protect Contorno Occhi 15ml € 21,53 € 29,90

Votes: 4

URIAGE DS HAIR Shampoo Delicato Riequilibrante € 7,88 € 10,50

Votes: 5

DERMON Dermon Latte Corpo 300 ml € 5,99 € 14,80

KALLÈIS 305 - Bagno Schiuma con Oli Essenziali € 14,50

Votes: 2

A-DERMA Gel Doccia Hydra Protettivo 200ml € 6,51 € 9,30

Votes: 2 A-Derma Gel Doccia Hydra Protettivo 200ml. The A-DERMA Hydra-Protective Shower Gel is the ally for daily hygiene that gently cleanses, moisturizes and protects the fragile skin of the whole family (from 2 years). Leaves a protective film on the skin.

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