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Erba Vita: devoted to the production and marketing of women's, men's, children's helath products, it faces the market in a dynamic and innovative way

Erba Vita was estabilished in 1982 as a result of an old family tradition and Dr. G. Carlo Bollini's strong passion.
A company that passes on the strenght of its past to the future.
Devoted to the production and marketing of women's, men's, children's helath products, it faces the market in a dynamic and innovative way.
Today Erba Vita is a leading company in the international health sector, whose growth is faster than the maket one.

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ERBA VITA Pomata Eudermica - Tea Tree 50ml € 9,12 € 11,40 Erba Vita Pomata Eudermica - Tea Tree. The herbal eudermic ointment of Erba Vita is formulated with a high concentration of naturally active plant extracts thanks to the innovative multi-extract FULL-POTENCY created with the GLYCERIC-OIL-DRY formula, which simultaneously uses the triple extraction solution of the same offal plant : glyceride, oily and dry extracts, to optimize the final action on the epidermis.

ERBA VITA VitaOligum - D4 20 vials of 2ml € 8,72 € 10,90 Erba Vita VitaOligum - d4 20 vials of 2ml Vitaoligum contains gold, copper and silver, a very important trace element for our organism.

ERBA VITA VitaOligum - dL 20 vials of 2ml € 8,72 € 10,90 Erba Vita VitaOligum - dl 20 vials of 2ml A product rich in trace elements that provides support to the body in the event of a lack of elements.

ERBA VITA Magnesium Potassium +C 20 sachets of 3 grams € 10,00 € 12,50 Erba Vita Magnesium Potassium + C 20 sachets of 3 grams. It is a supplement of mineral salts based on magnesium and potassium, essential for the body. It is a complete product, with a balanced formula, perfectly soluble and with a pleasant taste.

ERBA VITA New Cap - Adjustable Anti - Fall 12 vials of 10 ml € 28,80 € 36,00 Erba Vita New Cap - Adjuvant Anti Fall 12 vials of 10ml is a cosmetic product with AIAB certification, formulated with specific active vegetables that can strengthen the hair, from the root to the tip.

ERBA VITA VitaOligum - d2 20 vials of 2ml € 8,72 € 10,90 Erba Vita VitaOligum - dlG 20 vials of 2ml

ERBA VITA New Cap - Hair Wellness 30 tablets € 15,60 € 19,50 Erba Vita New Cap - Hair Wellness 30 tablets based on Vitaltricap. Resveratrol and Vitamins; with Millet extract useful for trophism and hair wellness.

ERBA VITA Ginger Compound 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Ginger Compound 100 g. Ginger, a natural source of gingerols, is useful for promoting digestive processes

ERBA VITA Fucus Composto 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Fucus Compound 100g. Fucus, a natural source of iodine, is useful for stimulating the metabolism. The fundamental property of the Fucus composed is the stimulus of the metabolism.

ERBA VITA Birch Compote 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Birch Compote 100g. The fundamental property of the Betulla is that diuretic (eliminates urea and uric acid), besides the purifying one and that of reducing the content of cholesterol in the blood. It is also stimulating, sudorific and digestive.

ERBA VITA Centella Composed 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Centella Composed 100g. Centella, a natural source of asiaticoside, is useful for promoting the physiological function of the microcirculation and for counteracting the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

ERBA VITA Dandelion Composite 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Dandelion Composite 100g. The Dandelion, a natural source of Inulin, is useful to promote the physiological functions of the liver, depurative and to assist the drainage of body fluids.

ERBA VITA Compound Mallow 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Compound Mallow 100g. Rich of mucilages, it also contains potassium, calcium oxalate, vitamins and pectin. Has an emollient, expectorant and anti-inflammatory action useful in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It also has laxative properties.

ERBA VITA Compound Linden 100 g € 5,52 € 6,90 Erba Vita Compound Linden 100g. The Tiglio, a natural source of flavonoids, is useful for promoting a physiological relaxation and for supporting nocturnal rest. Medicinal herb based on lime tree compound useful to promote a physiological relaxation and assist the night rest

ERBA VITA Hawthorn Compound 100 g € 4,48 € 5,60

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Hawthorn Compound 100g. Thanks to the presence of active ingredients with vasodilating action, in particular sterols and procyanidins, in the berries and leaves, hawthorn has an excellent hypotensive and cardiotonic function.

ERBA VITA Compound Fennel 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Compound Fennel 100 g. Fennel, a natural source of essential oil, is useful to promote the physiological digestive function, as well as supporting the regular gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of gases.

ERBA VITA Melissa Compound 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90 Erba Vita Melissa Compound 100g. Thanks to its content in flavonoids and terpene compounds, the Melissa shows antispasmodic properties, exploited for migraines and neuralgia and sedative that are realized in cases of gastric disorders, premenstrual syndromes, insomnia and anxiety

ERBA VITA Ursina Grape Compound 100 g € 3,92 € 4,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Ursina Grape Compound 100g. Ursina grape it is an excellent diuretic, antiseptic for the urinary tract. It also has astringent properties.

ERBA VITA Coli EV 45 capsules € 15,92 € 19,90 Erba Vita Coli EV 45 capsules. Coli EV is the food supplement of Erba Vita based on titrated and standardized plant extracts, in synergy with the Coli-factors, a rational mixture of micro-nutritional factors, such as L-Tryptophan, which is a precursor of serotonin, the FOS (fruit-oligo-saccharides, with a prebiotic value) and Vitamins B6 and B12.

ERBA VITA Multi Vitamineral Mum 30 tablets € 11,68 € 14,60

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Multi Vitamineral Mum 30 tablets. Multi Vitamineral Mum it is a multivitamin-multimineral nutritional supplement, enriched with algal DHA, specially formulated to meet the needs of women during the delicate stages of pregnancy and lactation.

ERBA VITA Vita C 500 30 tablets € 6,88 € 8,60 Erba Vita Vita C 500 30 tablets. Vita C 500 is a dietary supplement of Vitamin C based on dry extract of Rosa canina, useful to promote the normal functions of the immune system, contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, increase the absorption of iron and assist the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

ERBA VITA Erba Vita Vita D 100 tablets € 10,32 € 12,90

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Vita D 100 caps. Vita D is a food supplement based on Vitamin D3 extracted from Icelandic Lichen (Cetraria islandica L.) The health of bones and teeth is strictly dependent on the maintenance of adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus.

ERBA VITA Vita D 50ml € 14,88 € 18,60 Erba Vita Vita D 50ml. VITA D is a food supplement based on vitamin D because it contributes to the correct absorption of these minerals, which are also important for neuromuscular function. Vitamin D is also essential to support the activity of the immune system.

ERBA VITA Garcinia UHC 60 tablets of 1000mg € 13,20 € 16,50 Erba Vita Garcinia UHC. Garcinia Cambogia is a plant native to Southeast Asia, which is used in slimming products due to the presence in the rind of the fruit of hydroxycitric acid. This substance acts on the enzyme citrate lyase or directly on the acetylchenzyme A, blocking the synthesis of fatty acids, thus avoiding the formation of fatty tissue.

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