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COLLISTAR Man Line - Intensive Abdominal Sculpted Treatment 150ml € 16,45

Votes: 2 Collistar Man Line - Intensive Abdominal Sculpted Treatment 150ml. Innovative product with a surprising crackling effect that fights fat deposits and abdominal relaxation. Light and easily absorbed it smoothes the skin and thanks to its toning properties it stimulates the microcirculation.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina Homme Gel Doccia Shampo 200ml € 9,30 € 15,50 Pharmalife Aspersina Homme Shower Gel Shampoo 200ml Cosmetic product designed to cleanse the skin and hair in a single gesture.

COLLISTAR Men - Molecular Gel 2 in 1 75ml € 20,65 COLLISTAR Men - Molecular Gel 2 in 1 75ml. An effective and complete daily face treatment in one fast stroke. A superb 2 in 1 product that immediately moisturizes and soothes the skin after shaving, revitalizingskin tissue and fighting wrinkles day after day.

COLLISTAR Men - Total Moisture Non-Stop 24Hrs 75ml € 21,00 Collistar Linea Uomo - Idratazione Totale Non-Stop 24H 75ml. A surge of instant, intense, non-stop hydration andfreshness which lasts the whole day long.

COLLISTAR Men - Vetiver Forte Shower-Shampoo 250ml € 16,80 Collistar Linea Uomo - Vetiver Forte Doccia-Shampoo 250ml. A crystal-clear gel with an intense scent, which gently cleanses the body and hair.

COLLISTAR Men - Rebalancing Anti-Dandruff Treatment 50ml + 200ml € 16,10 Collistar Linea Uomo - Trattamento Riequilibrante Antiforfora 50ml + 200ml. An innovative 2 phase treatment, effective for all dandruff types.

COLLISTAR Men - Anti-Hair Loss Redensifying Shampoo 200ml € 13,30

Votes: 1 Collistar Linea Uomo - Shampoo Ridensificante Anticaduta 200ml. An effective anti-hair loss treatment should start with a targeted and specific cleansing activity.

COLLISTAR Men - Anti-Hair Loss Redensifying Concentrate 14 vials of 6ml € 35,00

Votes: 1 Collistar Linea Uomo - Concentrato Ridensificante Anticaduta 14 vials of 6ml. A state-of-the-art formula designed for an intensive anti-hair loss treamtent.

COLLISTAR Men - Vetiver Forte Deodorant 100ml € 16,10 Collistar Linea Uomo - Vetiver Forte Deodorante 100ml. A deodorant with intense notes, which guarantees freshness and a long-lasting protection.

COLLISTAR Men - Anti-Hair Loss Redensifying Lotion 100ml € 21,00 Collistar Linea Uomo - Lozione Ridensificante Anticaduta 100ml. Innovative and super-effective, it contains the exclusive complex Trico-Densyl®, the result of cutting-edge research in trichology.

COLLISTAR Men - Vetiver Forte Eau de Toilette 100ml € 35,70 Collistar Linea Uomo - Vetiver Forte Eau de Toilette 100ml. An intense, bold fragrance which combines the force of vetiver with a unique accord of aromatic and woody notes.

COLLISTAR Men - 3 in 1 Shower-Shampoo 250ml € 15,40

Votes: 2 Collistar Linea Uomo - Doccia-Shampoo 3 in 1 250ml. An exclusive specialty that in one fast stroke performs 3 different actions: cleans the body, washes hair, moisturizes and softens skin and hair.

COLLISTAR Acqua Wood - Deodorant 100ml € 16,10

Votes: 3 Collistar Acqua Wood - Deodorante 100ml. Exuding the heady notes of ACQUA WOOD, this hard-working yet delicate natural spray deodorant helps protect the skin.

COLLISTAR Acqua Wood - Shower-Shampoo 250ml € 16,80

Votes: 2 Collistar Acqua Wood - Doccia-Shampoo 250ml. A crystalline gel which gently cleanses the hair and body.

COLLISTAR Men - Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating 30ml € 23,80

Votes: 6 Collistar Linea Uomo - Collagene Antirughe Rigenerante 30ml. Collagen provides invaluable natural support to the skin and is the main reason that skin stays compact.

COLLISTAR Men - Face & Beard Moisturizing Fluid 50ml € 25,20

Votes: 2 Collistar Linea Uomo - Fluido Idratante Viso & Barba 50ml. A light and instantly absorbed texture that moisturizes the skin and softens even the roughest beards in one fast stroke.

COLLISTAR After-Shave Repair Balm+Mini Daily Protective Supermoisturizer 100ml+30ml € 24,50

Votes: 2 Collistar After-Shave Repair Balm+Mini Daily Protective Supermoisturizer 100ml+30ml. Especially designed for the most demanding skin types, this repair balm gives the face extra elasticity and a sensation of comfort, and is ideal also as a daily moisturiser.

COLLISTAR Men - Magic Face Drops 30ml € 21,70

Votes: 9 Collistar Pure Magic Face Drops for Man 30ml, perfectly ‘tanned’ in less than an hour without the sun, thanks to a next-generation self-tanning agent

COLLISTAR Men - Pure Actives Hyaluronic Acid 30ml € 23,10

Votes: 4 Collistar Pure Actives Hyaluronic Acid 30ml, hyaluronic Acid Pure Active for Man takes advantage of the moisturizing properties of this precious substance and is formulated with three different molecular weights

COLLISTAR Men - Body Toning Moisturizer 200ml € 16,10

Votes: 3 Collistar Body Toning Moisturizer for men 200ml. A powerful moisturizing and toning cream-gel that stands out for its completely original formula and the speed with which it is absorbed by the skin.

COLLISTAR Acqua Attiva Deodorant 100ml € 16,10

Votes: 4 Collistar Acqua Attiva Deodorant 100ml. Immediate and lasting freshness accompanied by the scented notes of the Acqua Attiva fragrance.

COLLISTAR Acqua Attiva Shower Shampoo 250ml € 16,80

Votes: 3 Collistar Acqua Attiva Shower Shampoo 250ml. A crystal-clear and pure gel which cleanses both the skin and the hair at the same time.

COLLISTAR Acqua Attiva Eau De Toilette 100ml € 35,00

Votes: 3 Collistar Acqua Attiva Eau De Toilette 100ml. Collistar makes its debut in the world of perfume with a men’s fragrance bursting with vitality and wellbeing, which takes its scents and aromatic notes from the Mediterranean sea and vegetation.

COLLISTAR Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream 15ml € 22,40

Votes: 1 Collistar Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream 15ml. A multifunctional product that boosts the tone and suppleness of the eyelid tissues, has an anti-wrinkle action and reduces bags and dark circles.

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