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Child's Line

Child's Line
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OPTIMA AloeDent - Children's 50ml € 3,48

Votes: 3 Optima AloeDent - Children's 50ml. Imagine… no more nagging your children to brush their teeth! That’s because our AloeDent Children’s Toothpaste comes in a delicious new strawberry flavour just for kids. It's also now available in a handy 50ml size, perfect for smaller hands.

HELAN Baby Line - Natural Cleansing Bio Wet Wipes 60 wipes € 6,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Biosalviettine Detergenti Naturali 60 wipes. These fresh, natural wet wipes are alcohol and perfume free, the best choice for specially delicate cleansing.

HELAN Baby Line - Softening Bath Oil 200ml € 12,50 Helan Linea Bimbi - Bagno Olio Addolcente 200ml. It cleanses and nourishes baby’s skin, keeping it super soft and moisturized without a greasy feel.

HELAN Baby Line - Fluid Cleansing Cream 200ml € 10,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Crema Fluida Detergente 200ml. Baby skin is sensitive and delicate, It requires gentle products that are soapfree so as not to deplete the skin’s protective, hydrolipidic film.

HELAN Heed head Lice - Specific Shampoo 200ml € 13,00

Votes: 1 Helan Occhio al Pidocchio - Shampoo Specifico 200ml. HELAN’s Specific Shampoo, SLS and SLES** free, preservative* and color free, is a pleasant, effective, ideal head lice cosmetic treatment.

HELAN Heed head Lice - Preventive Lotion No-Gas Spray 100ml € 12,00 Helan Occhio al Pidocchio - Lozione Preventiva Spray No-Gas 100ml. The formula with their active ingredients Grapefruit seeds, Lavender flowers and Amargo bark create a harsh environment for head lice and nit settlement by limiting the possibility of transmission.

HELAN Baby Line - Liquid Soap 300ml € 9,50 Helan Linea Bimbi - Sapone Liquido 300ml. The Helan Linea Bimbi’s Liquid Soap, provided with its pump, is particularly suitable for a soft daily cleansing of the skin.

HELAN Baby Line - Total Shampoo Bath Delicate Cleansing Shower Gel 500ml € 18,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Bagno Totale Gel Detergente Delicato 500ml. Undoubtedly, a cleansing product for the baby’s skin has to be gentle, non aggressive and it must not produce irritating effects.

HELAN Baby Line - Softening Protective Oil 100ml € 12,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Olio Emolliente Protettivo 100ml. The product has a high skin affinity texture and leaves a long-lasting protective layer that respects the physiology of the skin.

HELAN Baby Line - Softening Cream 100ml € 12,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Crema Emolliente 100ml. This special formula makes this the ideal product for children.

HELAN Baby Line - Acqua Luigia Eau de Toilette Alcohol-Free 100ml € 12,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Acqua Luigia Colonia Analcolica 100ml. Refreshing, delicate and fine scent to complete the hygiene of your baby while pleasantly stimulating the sense of smell.

HELAN Baby Line - Total Shampoo Bath Delicate Cleansing Shower Gel 250ml € 11,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Bagno Totale Gel Detergente Delicato 250ml. Undoubtedly, a cleansing product for the baby’s skin has to be gentle, non aggressive and it must not produce irritating effects.

HELAN Baby Line - Intimate Cleanser Ultra Delicate 125ml € 8,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Detergente Intimo Ultradelicato 125ml. Dedicated especially to a growing baby girl’s need slight cleansing action to respect genital mucosa: cleanses gently the areas prone to reddening, preventing itching and burning.

HELAN Baby Line - Silky Liquid Talc 100ml € 12,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Pelle di Velluto Talco Liquido 100ml. This extremely gentle, fresh, innovative formula combines both the characteristic dry feature of traditional talcum powder and the silky, moisturizing pleasantness of a fluid cream.

HELAN Baby Line - Soothing Red-Relief Paste 50ml € 15,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Soothing Red-Relief Paste 50ml. This formula was specifically realized to prevent and counteract the causes of rash and irritation in the delicate nappy area.

HELAN Baby Line - Soothing Protective Paste 100 grams € 12,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Pasta Protettiva Calmante 100g. HELAN’s Soothing Protective Paste has been specifically formulated and made to efficiently block wetness and irritating substances and to protect your baby’s skin in the delicate nappy area.

HELAN Baby Line - Perfumed Rice Starch 75 grams € 10,50 Helan Linea Bimbi - Amido di Riso Profumato 75g. Especially soft and soothing, this product avoids maceration of the inguinal folds in newborns, keeping these critical areas dry and preventing redness and irritation.

HELAN Baby Line - Soft Conditioner 50ml € 10,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Tenero Balsamo 50ml. The importance of choosing the most suitable cosmetic products, studied and geared to the particular characteristics of children’s skin and hair, is essential.

HELAN Baby Line - Pan di Mais Soap-Free 100 grams € 5,50 Helan Linea Bimbi - Pan di Mais Non Sapone 100g. HELAN’s “Corn Bar” is a cleanser and it doesn’t contain soap or colorings.

HELAN Heed head Lice - Oil Intensive Treatment No-Gas Spray 100ml € 14,50 Helan Occhio al Pidocchio - Olio Trattamento d'Urto Spray No-Gas 100ml. Thanks to its mechanical action, the Oil inhibits nit attachment so that they slip away and can be more easily exported using the fine-toothed comb provided.