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Iodase, against the imperfections of cellulite and fat

Iodase has been involved for years in producing a line of specific cosmetics products, the result of scientific research, to act effectively against all the problems related to cellulite and fat.
Specialists for the beauty of the body.
The most complete line of cosmetics against the imperfections of cellulite and fat.

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Crema Smagliature 200 ml - IODASE

IODASE Crema Smagliature 200 ml € 12,96 on special offer € 32,40

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 12,96
Iodase Crema Smagliature 200 ml. Crema Smagliature is a cosmetic treatment with an elasticizing effect, which counteracts the visibility of stretch marks.

Slim Fit - IODASE

IODASE Slim Fit € 11,20 on special offer € 28,00

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 11,20
Iodase Slim Fit 100ml. Toning cosmetic treatment containing a phytocomplex coming from a carnivorous plant (Drosera Ramentacea) with proven improvement properties for lipolysis.

Iodase Lato B 200ml - IODASE

IODASE Iodase Lato B 200ml € 11,40 on special offer € 28,50

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 11,40
Votes: 5 Iodase Lato B 220ml. Cream is a cosmetic treatment that combines a mixture of specific ingredients that promote the lifting of the buttocks and instant tightening of the skin.

Sport Lipobreak - Repair - IODASE

IODASE Sport Lipobreak - Repair € 6,00 on special offer € 15,00

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 6,00
Votes: 1 Not available Iodase Sport Lipobreak - Repair 125ml. Zinc oxide paste, soothing and emollient, recommended for use in support bandages for sprains, dislocations and bruises or for the treatment of irritated and red skin.

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