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Physiomer is a brand that has always made products that help everyone breathe better. Physiomer preparations contain 100% sea water from the Saint-Malo bay.

Physiomer is a brand that has always made products that help people breathe better. Physiomer preparations and products contain 100% seawater from the Saint-Malo bay and include seawater-based nose and ear sprays suitable for both adults and children

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PHYSIOMER Spray Nasale Sinusite 50 mg € 11,54 € 19,90 Physiomer Spray Nasale Sinusite 50 mg. Physiomer Nasal Spray Sinusitis is a 100% natural cyclamen-based extract, indicated for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, for post-operative treatment following sinonasal surgery, and for otitis media with effusion.

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Express € 4,88 € 9,20

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Iper € 7,92 € 13,90

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Iper Baby € 8,38 € 14,20

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Baby € 7,95 € 14,20

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Spray Getto Normale € 8,34 € 13,90

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Spray Nasale Getto Forte € 10,18 € 15,90

PHYSIOMER Physiomer Oto € 8,78 € 13,50 Not available