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Iswari: We source high quality, mainly organic Superfoods from around the globe and bring them to you, using the principals of "Health, Taste & Wisdom" to guide us

ISWARI means "Goddess" in Sanskrit. We source high quality, mainly organic Superfoods from around the globe and bring them to you, using the principals of "Health, Taste & Wisdom" to guide us.
We wish to share the Earth's abundant gifts with GRATITUDE and respect. RESPECT for our body, respect for our fellow human beings, animals and the Earth.
Our products are only purchased from sustainable sources that respect nature, humans and ecosystems. We want to make sure that the energy of each transaction has a POSITIVE impact each step of the way, from the field... TO YOU!
Our 3 main principals: HEALTH, TASTE & WISDOM!

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ISWARI Chlorella Powder 125 grams € 13,05 Iswari Chlorella Powder 125g. Chlorella is a single-celled green micro-algae that gets its name from its surprising chlorophyll content.

ISWARI Maca Powder 250 grams € 12,60 ISWARI Maca Powder 250 grams. Maca is a root vegetable that grows high up in the Peruvian Andes, where it has adapted to thrive in extreme weather conditions.

ISWARI Macaccino Original 250 grams € 11,25 Iswari Macaccino Original 250g. Macaccino is a delicious hot chocolate style energy drink that combining all the power of organic maca, the rich flavour of cacao, and the healthy sweetness of lucuma.

ISWARI Coconut Sugar 250 grams € 6,75 Iswari Coconut Sugar 250g. Organic coconut sugar.

ISWARI Hemp Seeds 250 grams € 9,90 Iswari Hemp Seeds 250g. Shelled hemp seeds.

ISWARI Matcha 70 grams € 15,30 Iswari Matcha 70g. Matcha powder.

ISWARI Spirulina Tablets 100 grams € 9,90 Iswari Spirulina Tablets 100g. Very complete and nutritious food supplement.

ISWARI Chlorella Tablets 70 grams € 10,35 Iswari Chlorella Tablets 70g. Food supplement that contains a high nutritional value, including protein, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides, fibers and vitamins of group B (high level of vitamin B12).

ISWARI Hemp Protein 250 grams € 11,25

Votes: 7 Iswari Proteine della Canapa 250g. Hemp protein

ISWARI Hemp Fiber 250 grams € 7,65

Votes: 7 Iswari Hemp Fiber 250g. Certified organic.

ISWARI Risveglio di Buddha Mango & Baobab 360 grams € 12,15

Votes: 8 Iswari Risveglio di Buddha Mango & Baobab 360g. Iswari super breakfast - Mango & Baobab

ISWARI Risveglio di Buddha Maca & Vanilla 360 grams € 12,15

Votes: 6 Iswari Risveglio di Buddha Maca & Vaniglia 360g. Iswari super breakfast - Maca and vanilla

ISWARI Risveglio di Buddha Acai, Banana & Strawberry 360 grams € 12,15

Votes: 9 Iswari Risveglio di Buddha Acai, Banana & Fragola 360g. Iswari super breakfast - Acai, banana and strawberry

ISWARI Awakening of Buddha Raw Cocoa 360 grams € 12,15

Votes: 14 Iswari - Risveglio di Buddha Cacao Crudo 360g. Iswari super breakfast

ISWARI Spirulina 125 grams € 10,35

Votes: 7 Iswari - Spirulina 125g. Organic Spirulina powder

ISWARI Wheat Grass Powder 125 grams € 9,90

Votes: 3 Iswari Erba di Grano Polvere 125g. Wheat grass powder

ISWARI Raw Cocoa Nuggets 125 grams € 6,75

Votes: 2 Iswari - Cacao Crudo Pepite 125g. Nuggets of raw organic cocoa

ISWARI Mix Omega 3 250 grams € 4,95 Not available Iswari Mix Omega 3 250g. Organic certificate.

ISWARI Risveglio di Buddha Pineapple & Wheat Grass 360 grams € 12,15

Votes: 7 Not available Iswari Risveglio di Buddha Ananas & Erba di Grano 360g. Iswari super breakfast - Pineapple and wheat grass

ISWARI Buddha Awakening Hemp protein 360 grams € 12,15

Votes: 5 Not available Iswari - Risveglio di Buddha 360g. Iswari super breakfast