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Rapunzel Bio: our experienced quality assurance team examines the products with intensive physical checks

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RAPUNZEL Amaranto € 3,35

RAPUNZEL Dried Mango 1 sachet of 100 grams € 4,15 Rapunzel Dried Mango 1 sachet of 100 grams

RAPUNZEL Ayurveda - Fruit Bar 1 bar of 40 grams € 1,60 Rapunzel Ayurveda - Fruit Bar 1 bar of 40 grams. Snack breaks hunger indicated at any time of day. With a good 71% of dried fruit.

RAPUNZEL Broth 500 grams € 9,80 Rapunzel Broth 500 grams. Vegetable preparation for instant broth.

RAPUNZEL Mango-Baobab - Fruit Bar 1 bar of 40 grams € 1,60 Rapunzel Mango-Baobab - Fruit Bar 1 bar of 40g. Mango-baobab bar. Vegan.

RAPUNZEL Protein Muesli with Red Fruits 375 grams € 5,99

Votes: 12 Rapunzel Protein Muesli with Red Fruits 375g. Protein muesli with red fruits.

RAPUNZEL Date Syrup 250 gramm € 4,65

Votes: 6 Rapunzel Sciroppo di Datteri 250g. Date syrup.

RAPUNZEL Kokosmus - Coconut Puree 215 gramm € 5,75

Votes: 6 Rapunzel Kokosmus - Puree di Cocco 215g. Coconut puree.

RAPUNZEL Grated Coconut 175 grams € 3,75

Votes: 4 Rapunzel Cocco in Scaglie - Coco Chips 175g. Coco chips.

RAPUNZEL Kokosnuss-Creme - Coconut creme 2 bags x 50 grammi € 2,30

Votes: 2 Rapunzel Kokosnuss-Creme 2X50g. Coconut cream

RAPUNZEL Johannisbrot-kernmehl - Carob seed flour 65 grams € 5,35

Votes: 6 Rapunzel Johannisbrot-kernmehl - Farina di Semi di Carrube 65g. Carob seed flour.

RAPUNZEL Guten Morgen Frühstücksbrei Früchte 500 grams € 6,99

Votes: 7 Rapunzel Guten Morgen Frühstücksbrei Früchte 500g. "Guten Morgen" Hot breakfast Porridge.

RAPUNZEL Kokos - Barretta al Cocco 1 bar of 40 grams € 1,60

Votes: 5 Rapunzel Kokos - Barretta al Cocco 1 bar of 40g. Coconut bar

RAPUNZEL FruitMix - Barretta alla Frutta 1 bar of 40 grams € 1,60

Votes: 3 Rapunzel FruitMix - Barretta alla Frutta 1 bar of 40g. Fruit bars.

RAPUNZEL Mirtillo Rosso 100 grams € 3,99

Votes: 3 Rapunzel Mirtillo Rosso 100g. Cranberry.

RAPUNZEL Agar Agar 60 grams € 7,80

Votes: 2 Rapunzel Agar Agar 60g. Gelling completely natural and vegetable.

RAPUNZEL Sale alle Erbe con Alghe 125 grams € 2,55

Votes: 3 Rapunzel Sale alle Erbe con Alghe 125g. Herbal salt with seaweed.

RAPUNZEL Herbal Salt 125 grams € 2,25

Votes: 2 Rapunzel Sale alla Erbe 125g. Herbal salt.

RAPUNZEL 100% Cashews Cream 250g € 12,20

Votes: 5 RAPUNZEL 100% Cashews Cream 250g. Cream of cashew nuts, just prepared with cashew nuts, no emulsifiers or stabilizers. Perfect for spreading, for breakfast or snacks or to flavor soups and vegetables. It gives a good intake of vitamin E, vitamin B1, iron and magnesium.

RAPUNZEL Soft Apricots 200g € 5,59

Votes: 4 RAPUNZEL Soft Apricots 200g. Soft dried apricots without stones, from fair-trade Rapunzel 's project in Turkey. The softness is due to pasteurization with water vapor subjected, before being dried in the sun. Packaged in resealable plastic bag-fresh.

RAPUNZEL Coconut Oil 200 grams € 5,75

Votes: 2 Not available Rapunzel Coconut Oil 200 grams

RAPUNZEL Beluga Lentils 500 grams € 4,19

Votes: 4 Not available Rapunzel Beluga Lentils 500 grams

RAPUNZEL Kakao-Orange Fruit Bar 40 grams € 1,70 Not available Rapunzel Kakao-Orange Fruit Bar. Rapunzel Kakao-Orange is the ideal snack for the journey, a tasty snack for school and office or as a source of rapid energy for athletes. The fruit bar with cocoa and orange Rapunzel is a real concentrated mix of delicious organic ingredients, for a full energy.

RAPUNZEL Porridge Ayurveda 500 grams € 6,99 Not available Rapunzel Porridge Ayurveda 500 grams. Dark chocolate bar made from the finest ingredientsPrepared for breakfast with the highest source of fiber and protein

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