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NATURAL POINT t Magnesium Supreme Night Relax 150 grams € 15,80 € 20,00 Natural Point Magnesium Supreme Night Relax 150 grams. Magnesio Supremo® Notte Relax, brings specific useful ingredients when you need to relax. In fact, the formula provides melatonin and vitamin B6 to which are added two plant extracts of Italian origin: lemon balm and chamomile essential for their physiological role.

NATURAL POINT Magnesio Supremo Donna € 15,40 € 20,00

NATURAL POINT Evidol Articolazioni 20 sachets of 8 grams € 19,04 € 23,80

Votes: 3 Natural Point Evidol Articolazioni 20 sachets of 8 grams. EVIDOL ARTICOLAZIONI is based on Fortigel® raw material consisting of bioactive collagen peptides. With 'peptide' we mean a small protein molecule, while the term 'bioactive' refers to the fact that this patented raw material has been developed through numerous clinical studies to have as its only specific target the joints , with the aim of counteracting the processes underlying the loss of mobility and the onset of joint pain.

NATURAL POINT Omega Silver 100 capsules € 18,80 € 23,50 NATURAL POINT Omega Silver 100 capsules. OMEGA SILVER is a food supplement of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids extracted from fish. They are “essential” because we are not able to produce them.

NATURAL POINT Q10 100 50 capsules € 17,20 € 21,50

Votes: 3 Natural Point Q10 100 50 capsules. Levels of coenzyme Q10 in the body physiologically reduce with the passing years. However, nature provides a valuable ally that helps maintain the correct cell respiration needed for energy production and for normal biological functions.

NATURAL POINT Rhodiola Rosea 50 capsules € 17,60 € 22,00

Votes: 1 Natural Point Rhodiola Rosea 50 capsules. This plant fat is able to survive the icy climate of Siberia. This is thanks to its secondary metabolites that allow it to adapt to a decidedly hostile environment. Just think of the remarkable effect it can have on your ability to cope with everyday life.

NATURAL POINT Garlife 50 capsules € 12,80 € 16,00 Natural Point Garlife 50 capsules. Garlic is a plant known since the days of the Egyptians, known for its many properties useful for our body. Unfortunately, it is often not used because of its strong sensory characteristics. Garlife is the new solution to garlic problems.

NATURAL POINT Myolife 200 grams € 15,20 € 19,00

Votes: 2 Natural Point Myolife 200g. Myolife is a 100% natural non-GMO, gluten-free myo-inositol supplement with no additives or allergens.

NATURAL POINT D1000 70 capsules € 10,80 € 13,50

Votes: 9 Natural Point D1000 70 capsules. D1000 is a dietary supplement based on cholecalciferol, a natural form of vitamin D that contributes to the normal trophism of bones and teeth and supports the physiological immune defenses.

NATURAL POINT Magnesio Supremo 32 sachets of 2,4 grams € 13,04 € 16,30

Votes: 6 Natural Point Magnesio Supremo 32 sachets of 2,4g. Magnesio Supremo® is a dietary supplement that contains a special mix of ingredients that guarantee maximum bioavailability of magnesium.

NATURAL POINT CurZen 30 capsules € 18,00 € 22,50

Votes: 12 Natural Point CurZen 30 capsules. CurZen is a Longvida® Curcuma and ginger supplement. Both plant extracts act synergistically, stimulating and promoting digestive function. However, their renown as health elixirs does not only relate to the stomach.

NATURAL POINT Alfalfa Bio 70 capsules € 12,64 € 15,80

Votes: 4 Natural Point Alfalfa Bio 70 capsules. Medicago sativa L. , also known as Lucerne or Alfalfa (from the (Arabic al-fal-fa,“father of all foods”), is a leguminous plant whose roots can reach up to 5 metres in length, so as to capture nutrients from even the deepest soil.

NATURAL POINT Green Plus 120 capsules € 15,60 € 19,50

Votes: 4 Natural Point Green Plus 120 capsules. Green Plus is a food supplement based on organic Ascophyllum nodosum, a brown seaweed, source of essential, balanced and complete micronutrients, including iodine, which helps support energy metabolism.

NATURAL POINT MQC Capsules 50 capsules € 12,40 € 15,50

Votes: 3 Natural Point MQC Capsule 50 capsules. MQC is a food supplement based on an exclusive formulation based on OptiMSM® (molecule containing sulfur), coenzyme Q10 and stabilized vitamin C. It is produced in a particular vegetable capsule that is more resistant to oxidation.

NATURAL POINT Lisina 50 capsules € 7,60 € 9,50

Votes: 8 Natural Point Lisina 50 capsules. A low-protein diet, intense physical activity or the simple aging process could result in a lysine deficiency.

NATURAL POINT Enzylife 60 capsules € 14,80 € 18,50

Votes: 4 Natural Point Enzylife 60 capsules. Vitality and well-being are the result of healthy digestion, which are, in turn, the result of the presence of the right digestive enzymes.

NATURAL POINT Potassio Gluconato 90 tablets € 8,00 € 10,00

Votes: 4 Natural Point Potassio Gluconato 90 tablets. Dietary supplement

NATURAL POINT Selenio 20 60 capsules € 7,60 € 9,50

Votes: 3 Natural Point Selenio 20 60 capsules. The importance of selenium in nutrition is also recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO). Unfortunately the sulfur found in fertilizers and in the sulfur compounds present in acid rain, can restrict plant absorption of this mineral.

NATURAL POINT Wild Yam 300 50 capsules € 11,60 € 14,50

Votes: 6 Natural Point Wild Yam 300 50 capsules. From the traditions handed down from the time of the Aztecs and from the accounts of many modern-day women, a natural remedy that targets and relieves female discomfort: menstrual pain, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, fatigue, tension, irritability and insomnia.

NATURAL POINT Enzylife 120 capsules € 23,60 € 29,50

Votes: 3 Natural Point Enzylife 120 capsules. Vitality and well-being are the result of healthy digestion, which are, in turn, the result of the presence of the right digestive enzymes.

NATURAL POINT Echinacea Complex 50 capsules € 11,60 € 14,50

Votes: 4 Natural Point Echinacea Complex 50 capsules. Echinacea was a great ally of native Indians in the temperate areas of North America, who used for healing wounds and treating snake bites.

NATURAL POINT Olio di Borragine 100 capsules € 15,20 € 19,00

Votes: 4 Natural Point Borage oil 100 capsules. Borago officinalis is a very pleasant plant, with star-shaped blue-purple flowers. The oil extracted from its seeds has many health benefits, particularly for mature women.

NATURAL POINT Glucosamina 500 100 capsules € 13,20 € 16,50

Votes: 5 Natural Point Glucosamina 500 100 capsules. Renowned in sports circles, Glucosamine 500 is a fundamental component of cartilage and plays a key role in tendon, ligament and joint structure and function.

NATURAL POINT Magnesio Supremo 150 grams € 12,23 € 16,30

Votes: 12 Natural Point Magnesio Supremo 150g. Magnesio Supremo® is a dietary supplement that contains a special mix of ingredients that guarantee maximum bioavailability of magnesium.

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