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Hot Mud Anticellulite Pineapple 650 grams

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Fgm04 Hot Mud Anticellulite Pineapple 650g

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FGM - Hot Mud Anticellulite Pineapple

The brand new hot mud of fgm04 enriched with active ingredients that counteract the imperfections of cellulite and localized adiposity. It can be used on capillaries. Ideal for the hip and stomach legs area.


  • Contains anti-cellulite and slimming active ingredients
  • Effect in 20 minutes of installation
  • Ready to use


DESCRIPTION: The hot-flavored aromatic muds are extremely rich in active ingredients that help reduce the imperfections caused by cellulite and localized fat deposits on the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. They are a real beneficial cocktail. The formulation has been enriched with blueberry extract. This natural active ingredient combines the action of strengthening the capillaries to reactivate the microcirculation. After application, the skin will appear immediately more silky to the touch. Choose the flavor you prefer, the anti-cellulite and slimming action remains unchanged.
Natural mud of mineral origin, does not contain algae. It does not interfere with the thyroid.



1) Distribute a suitable quantity of product on the skin surface subject to imperfection forming a uniform layer that completely covers the region to be treated.
2) Wrap the treated area with the sheet of cartene, included in the package (machine washable)
3) Leave to act for about 20/30 min.
4) At the end of laying, remove the sheet of cartene and rinse thoroughly with water.
Depending on the subjective sensitivity, a slight redness and / or sense of heat and / or tingling may appear in the area where the product was applied. These are completely normal sensations due to the action of active substances.


* The effect of the Anti-Cellulite Warm Mud may vary from person to person based on some subjective variables: their genetics, age and health status.



E / S DI MIRTILLO: protective of the capillaries, reactivating microcirculation
E / S OF GINKGO BILOBA: reactivating microcirculation
E / S TE 'VERDE: stimulating action, draining action
E / S ZEDOARIA: lipolytic, purifying action
CAPSICO: reactivating, stimulating

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