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Lipo Fosfatidicolina Gel Donna 200ml

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Fgm04 Lipo Fosfatidicolina Gel Donna. It is an innovative cosmetic with a prolonged effect that counteracts in a targeted manner the typical female imperfections caused by localized fat.

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LIPO FOSFATIDILCOLINA GEL is an innovative cosmetic with a prolonged effect that counteracts in a targeted manner the typical female imperfections caused by localized fat. We studied a specific formulation for woman and another for men because of the difference in the type of fat that needs to be countered with different active ingredients.
The formulation contains a high percentage of phosphatidylcholine which, combined with active principles with lipolytic and draining effect, makes it a real impact cocktail that can provide a truly effective therapeutic clearance.
It's an emulsion that is easily absorbed without leaving any unpleasant oily residue, leaving skin hydrated and soft. PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE: in recent years phosphatidylcholine has found a more frequent use in aesthetic medicine due to the results that were obtained with its use that are encouraging.
It is a molecule composed of saturated fatty acids, palmitic acid and stearic acid, with chemical and physical properties very similar to subcutaneous fat.
So, if applied topically, it enters more easily into the skin and, being a natural fat emulsifier, is able to facilitate their removal and their subsequent conversion into energy.
Another feature of phosphatidylcholine is its property as "carrier" of substances through the skin used, in our case, to allow greater penetration of substances in the formula such as caffeine, carnitine and creatine that mobilize the fat.

Method Of Use

Apply on the target area performing a circular massage until absorption twice a day. When physical activity is performed is highly recommended to use it before and after the workout. The ease of absorption allows to use it in combination with electrical stimulation. For a more visible and quick result is higly effective the combination treatment with LIPO FOSFATIDILCOLINA STRONG OIL.

Depending on the individual sensibility, may appear redness, warmth, tingling in the area where you applied the product. These feelings are normal and are due to the presence of active substances. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous mebranes. Wash hands after use. Keep out of reach of children. It's a cosmetic product, do not ingest.


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