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Silhoulinfa - Fresh Birch Sap 250 ml

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Herbalgem Silhoulinfa - Fresh Birch Sap 250 ml. Silholinfa contains rosemary which favors the digestive function and the elimination of gas, useful for finding a flat stomach

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Herbalgem - Silhoulinfa - Linfa Fresca Di Betulla - IAFSTORE.COM

Dietary supplement

Silholinfa contains rosemary which promotes digestive function and the elimination of gas, useful for finding a flat stomach. The birch sap also, together with elderberry promote the drainage of body fluids. The fig favors the regular intestinal transit.

Branch of herbal medicine, concentrated gemmotherapy uses the active ingredients of buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs, a true concentrate of the properties of the future adult plant. In the spring, our teams of pickers traverse the forests and our organic crops to collect the gems according to rigorous protocols.

To allow all the vital energy of the plant to be preserved, the buds are stabilized directly on the collection sites to preserve the minerals, vitamins and nucleic acids of the plant. Herbalgem only uses fresh buds for the maceration process and the bud derivatives are never diluted.

Directions: take 1 soup spoonful of product diluted in half a liter of water for at least 21 days in the morning. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 30 days.

Net content: 250 ml

Nutrition information
Per daily dose (15 ml)
Birch * (Betula pendala Roth.) Sap
Glycerin macerates (DER ** 1: 5) of:
12.40 ml
Rosemary * (Rosmarinus offìcinalis L.) young shoots 20.25 mg
Birch * (Betula pubescens L) buds 16 mg
Fig * (Ficus carica L.) buds 15.75 mg
Elderberry * (Sambucus nigra L) young leaves 12.90 mg
Ingredients: Birch * ( Betula pendala Roth.) Sap , glycerol *; alcohol*; water; glycerine macerates (DER ** 1: 5) of: Rosemary * ( Rosmarinus offìcinalis L.) young shoots; Birch * ( Betula pubescens L) buds; Fig * (Ficus carica L.) buds; Elderberry * ( Sambucus nigra L) young leaves.

* ingredients from organic agriculture

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