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HELAN Capelvenere - Bioolio Prezioso Nutriente € 14,00 Coming soon

HELAN Capelvenere - Bioelisir Rimpolpante Mousse € 14,00 Coming soon

HELAN Capelvenere - Bioshampoo Rimpolpante € 13,00

Votes: 1

OPTIMA Krill Kidz € 9,72

PHARMALIFE Digerstim Effervescente 100 grams € 4,80 € 8,00 Coming soon Pharmalife Digerstim Effervescente 100 grams. Digerstim Effervescente is a granular preparation of rapid solubility, good taste and prompt effervescence.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Semi di Pompelmo 20 sachets of 2 grams € 10,99

Votes: 12 Yamamoto® Research Semi di Pompelmo 20 sachets of 2 grams. Grapefruit seed extract is now considered a very powerful antiviral and bactericidal substance. The effectiveness of Grapefruit Seed Extract on bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites has been demonstrated thanks to multiple and significant studies from laboratories and institutes from both Italy and all over the world, it is increasingly used in health care.

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