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ALCE NERO Farina di Khorasan € 3,38 € 3,80

Votes: 1

ALCE NERO Composta di Fichi e Limoni € 3,96 € 4,45

Votes: 3

ALCE NERO Zucchero di Canna Chiaro 500 grams € 2,18 € 2,30

ALCE NERO Penne di Mais e Riso 250 grams € 2,00

ALCE NERO Fusilli di Mais e Riso 250 grams € 2,00

ALCE NERO Rooibos per Infuso 20 filters of 1,75 grams € 2,47 € 2,60

ALCE NERO Frollini al Cacao con Gocce di Cioccolato 300 grams € 3,61 € 3,80

Votes: 5 Alce Nero Frollini al Cacao con Gocce di Cioccolato 300 grams

ALCE NERO Frollini al Latte 350 grams € 3,20 € 3,30

ALCE NERO Wholemeal Fusilli 500 grams € 1,60 Alce Nero Wholemeal Fusilli 500 grams. With organic whole durum wheat semolina grown in Italy. Alce Nero organic wholemeal fusilli are obtained using only organic whole durum wheat semolina, that is, obtained by simply grinding the grain without refining or adding.

ALCE NERO Khorasan Striped Pens 500 grams € 4,80 Alce Nero Khorasan Striped Pens 500 grams. With organic khorasan wheat grown in Italy. Khorasan wheat is a delicate cereal that needs fertile soils and a warm climate to express satisfactory growth, otherwise the crops are generally small. It has always been cultivated in the Mediterranean area, especially in North Africa, Spain and Italy.

ALCE NERO Spaghetti Integrali di Grano Duro e Ceci 500 grams € 3,80 Alce Nero Durum Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Chickpeas 500 grams. Alce Nero whole wheat and chickpeas spaghetti are prepared with 100% Italian whole wheat and legumes. These spaghetti are mixed with spring water from the Dolomites. They represent a tasty alternative to traditional pasta thanks to a higher protein content and a lower carbohydrate content.

ALCE NERO Couscous di Farro Integrale 500 grams € 3,40 Whole Spelled Black Elk Couscous 500 grams. The Alce Nero couscous is prepared with spelled grown in Italy. The Alce Nero organic wholemeal spelled couscous is produced exclusively with 100% Italian spelled, grown by our farmers. Triticum Dicoccum spelled is one of the oldest cereals cultivated by man, whose origins date back to over 5000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent.

ALCE NERO Tarallini ai Semi di Finocchio 40 grams € 0,90 € 1,00

ALCE NERO Aceto di Mele 500ml € 2,50 Alce Nero Aceto di Mele 500ml

ALCE NERO Composta di Frutti di Bosco 270 grams € 4,57 € 4,81 Alce Nero Composta di Frutti di Bosco 270 grams

ALCE NERO Bevanda Vegetale a Base di Mandorla 500 ml € 2,52 € 2,80

ALCE NERO Bevanda Vegetale a Base di Farro 500ml € 1,65 € 1,85

ALCE NERO Tè Nero 20 sachets of 1,75 grams € 2,47 € 2,60 Alce Nero Tè Nero 20 sachets of 1,75 grams

ALCE NERO Frollini Avena e Grano Saraceno 250 grams € 2,84 € 2,99

ALCE NERO Frollini di Grano Cappelli con Gocce di Cioccolato 250 grams € 3,14 € 3,49

ALCE NERO Borlotti Beans 300 grams € 2,30 Alce nero Borlotti Beans 300 grams. The boiled and organic borlotti beans Alce Nero come exclusively from Italian crops.

ALCE NERO Frollini al Farro con Gocce di Cioccolato € 3,65 € 3,80

ALCE NERO Farrociock Fondente € 1,00

Votes: 3

ALCE NERO Farrociock al Latte € 1,00

Votes: 2

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