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Pizzas and piadina
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BAULE VOLANTE Piadina di Farro Semintegrale € 2,99

BAULE VOLANTE Piadina ai Grani Antichi € 2,60

SOTTO LE STELLE Piadina di Integrale 200 grams € 2,68

Votes: 3 Sotto Le Stelle Piadina di Integrale 200 grams. An excellent substitute for bread, light and versatile: without yeast and only with extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for an aperitif or a snack to be filled with the ingredients we prefer, both sweet and savory. Made with wholemeal flour to have a good dose of fiber useful for proper intestinal functioning. Organic, genuine, good for everyone!

SOTTO LE STELLE Piadina di Farro 200 grams € 3,20 Sotto Le Stelle Piadina di Farro 200 grams. piadina An extraordinary piadina produced with the oldest of grains: spelt. Made without yeast to allow even those suffering from intolerances to enjoy a quality product, only with vegetable ingredients, without lard and without animal fats. The only fat used is extra virgin olive oil.

PROBIOS Altri Cereali - Flat Bread Made of pulse Bread 3 flat breads of 60 grams € 5,39

Votes: 3 Altri Cereali Flat Bread Made of pulse Bread 3 flatbreads of 60 grams

FIOR DI LOTO Zero% Yeast - Organic Spelled Piadina 3 piadinas of 100 grams € 2,79

Votes: 2 Fior di Loto Zero% Lievito - Piadina Sfogliata di Farro Biologica 3 piadinas of 100g. Organic bakery product of spelt

PROBIOS Altri Cereali - Buckwheat Flatbread 2 flatbreads of 100 grams € 5,25 Probios AltriCereali - Piadina con Grano Saraceno 2 flatbreads of 100g. The Piadina from Altri Cereali with buckwheat is guaranteed gluten-free, made with only extra virgin olive oil and sunflower seed oil it is a source of fiber. This recipe respects the vegan choice.

KI Pedon - EasyGlut - Powder Mix for Pizza 400 grams € 5,06

Votes: 1 Pedon EasyGlut - Preparato per Pizza 400g. Gluten-free powder mix for pizza.

PROBIOS Panito - Flatbread Gluten Free 2 flatbreads of 100 grams € 4,70

Votes: 2 Panito - Flatbread Gluten Freeof 2 flatbreads of 100 grams. Panito is a complete line of gluten-free organic bread and savory baked goods, which can be borrowed from the National Health System. 100% vegetable Piadina, with extra virgin olive oil, a source of fiber, without milk is a unique product on the market, organic and gluten-free, to give a touch of originality to one of the most typical Romagna specialties!

PROBIOS Top Grain - Kamut Piadina 3 Piadinas of 100 grams € 4,55

Votes: 2 Probios Top Grain Kamut Piadina 3 Piadinas of 100g. Unleavened Kamut® Piadina with extra virgin olive oil 10% without yeast

PROBIOS Break & Bio - 2 Spelt Pizza Bases 300 grams € 4,65

Votes: 1 Probios Break & Bio 2 Basi per Pizza di Farro 300g. Ready-to-use pizza base. Just add your favourite ingredients and bake. A few minutes later you will get a crunchy and brittle pizza!

PROBIOS Break & Bio - Unleavened Spelt Piadinas 3 Piadinas of 100 grams € 3,50

Votes: 5 Probios Break & Bio Farro Piadina 3 Piadinas of 100g. Unleavened spelt Piadina without yeast with extra virgin olive oil 10%

BAULE VOLANTE Piadina di Grano Khorasan Kamut € 3,70 Not available

NONNA ANITA Piadina Senza Glutine 200 grams € 2,80 € 3,29

Votes: 2 Not available