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MYLAN Ialumar 20 vials of 5 ml € 3,48 € 5,90 Mylan Ialumar 20 vials of 5 ml

ZUCCARI [AloeVera]2 - Aeromucil € 15,12 € 18,90

Votes: 2 Zuccari [AloeVera]2 - Aeromucil. Aeromucil is a medical device in vials that can be sprayed through aerosol devices. It is formulated based on vegetable extracts of Grapefruit, Drosera, Echinacea, Enula, Thyme and Mugo Pine in doubly concentrated Aloe Vera, and is enriched with precious pure essential oils.

MYLAN Ialumar - Iper € 3,75 € 7,50

Votes: 3