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On IAFStore there are cleaners products for the body especially for the children because their skin is "fragile" so it's easier to get irritations.

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DR. ORGANIC Activated Charcoal - Purifying Body Wash 250ml € 9,68 DR. ORGANIC Activated Charcoal - Purifying Body Wash 250ml. The active carbon is particularly suitable for skin care and cleansing.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Tea Tree - Wet Wipes 20 wipes € 4,43

Votes: 3 Dr. Organic Organic Tea Tree - Wet Wipes 20 wipes. 2 in 1 revitalizing and antibacterial protection. Suitable for use on face and body and particularly suitable for blemish prone skin. A convenient way to stay refreshed on the go.

HELAN Baby Line - Natural Cleansing Bio Wet Wipes 60 wipes € 6,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Biosalviettine Detergenti Naturali 60 wipes. These fresh, natural wet wipes are alcohol and perfume free, the best choice for specially delicate cleansing.

HELAN Baby Line - Fluid Cleansing Cream 200ml € 10,00 Helan Linea Bimbi - Crema Fluida Detergente 200ml. Baby skin is sensitive and delicate, It requires gentle products that are soapfree so as not to deplete the skin’s protective, hydrolipidic film.

HELAN Baby Line - Liquid Soap 300ml € 9,50 Helan Linea Bimbi - Sapone Liquido 300ml. The Helan Linea Bimbi’s Liquid Soap, provided with its pump, is particularly suitable for a soft daily cleansing of the skin.

HELAN Baby Line - Pan di Mais Soap-Free 100 grams € 5,50 Helan Linea Bimbi - Pan di Mais Non Sapone 100g. HELAN’s “Corn Bar” is a cleanser and it doesn’t contain soap or colorings.

HELAN Fuchsia Ballerina - Scented Vegetable Soap 75 grams € 4,50 Helan Fuchsia Ballerina - Saponetta Profumata Vegetale 75g. The base, according to age-old tradition, is made with natural ingredients and enriched with Argan oil, giving shape to a small soap perfect for natural, daily cleansing that is delicate yet effective.

HELAN Body Skincare Line - Liquid Soap 300ml € 9,50 Helan Linea Dolcezza - Sapone Liquido 300ml. The use of cosmetics designed for the most sensitive and delicate skin types is also advantageous for those with normal, resistant skin.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Dead Sea Mineral - Body Wash 250ml € 8,18

Votes: 3 Not available Dr. Organic Organic Dead Sea Mineral - Body Wash 250ml. A completely hydrating and restoring lotion rich in essential minerals and marine extracts.