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Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that comes in the form of red patches covered with whitish scales mainly localized in the scalp, hands, feet and elbows. The causes are to be found in the immune system and its malfunction, in fact, they are the same for every part of the body. Among the natural remedies there is the oregano oil, shea butter wraps, coconut oil or jojoba.

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ISDIN Psorisdin Shampoo € 14,15 € 16,65

BIONIKE ProXera - Psomed 20 € 20,21 € 23,50

BIONIKE ProXera - Psomed 40 € 19,35 € 21,50

BIONIKE ProXera - Psomed 3 Shampoo € 13,20 € 15,50

PHARMALIFE Psoren - Shampoo 200ml € 13,20 € 16,50

Votes: 5 Not available Pharmalife Research Psoren - Shampoo 200ml. PSOREN SHAMPOO treats both mild and severe cases of desquamation, helps remove scales, performs a stripping action, attenuates itching, helps calm irritations and restores the physiological balance of the scalp.