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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Vitamina B7 30 tablets € 3,39 € 3,99

Votes: 17 Yamamoto® Research Vitamina B7 30 tablets. Vitamin B7 acts as the "coenzyme" necessary for the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and glucose. On an aesthetic level, it also plays a very important role in maintaining a young and attractive appearance, supporting the health of your skin and, in particular, helping to strengthen nails and hair.

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso K € 11,40 € 13,95

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso N € 11,16 € 13,95

Votes: 1 Named New Era Tissutale Complesso N

SOLGAR Vita B8 100 tablets € 14,40

Votes: 5 Solgar Vita B8 100 tablets. Vitamin B8 (biotin) is a water-soluble vitamin that contributes to normal cellular energy metabolism.

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso H € 11,16 € 13,95 Not available