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ERBAVOGLIO Recharge - Enterocol 7 vials of 10ml € 10,40 € 13,00

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio Ricarica - Enterocol Phials 7 x 10ml. This product contains a large quantity of vitamins, protein, mineral salts and antibacterial agents making it useful for the prevention of flu, intestinal problems and improving general health in young and old.

GUNA Colostrononi € 15,31 € 17,80

ISATORI Bio-Gro 120 grams € 32,25

Votes: 5 Isatori Bio-Gro 120 grams. Food supplement based on hydrolyzed colostrum peptides.

LONG LIFE ColostruMax 60 tablets € 20,90

Votes: 2 Long Life ColostruMax 60 tablets. Colostrum is the mother’s “milk” produced in the first few days after birth.

ERBAVOGLIO Recharge - Enterocol 30 capsules € 9,60 € 12,00

Votes: 2 Not available ErbaVoglio Ricarica - Enterocol 30 capsules. Live active bacteria improva digestion and regulate the intestinal flora.