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About Us
About Us

Well-being and quality:
why choose IAFSTORE

We have chosen the path of evolution to reshape your well-being.

Our experience in the fields of sports nutrition and organic foods is the secret that allows us to offer you unique and valuable proposals that aim at excellence.

In the IAFSTORE® online store, you will find an extensive catalogue of products that we have selected from among the best in terms of quality and performance, to guarantee you a complete and surprising wellness experience.

IAFSTORE® is more than just an e-commerce: we have created a community made up of people who share values and experience, a space in which you will always be updated on the topics of nutrition, sports activity and health.

Today IAFSTORE® is research, innovation, selection of new-generation raw materials, quality without compromise: the unique place for your well-being.


Passion and reliability

At the base of everything there is our passion, which distinguishes every phase of our research and selection.

All this because IAFSTORE® is a reality made up of people who care about your well-being. We try to respond to your every need, selecting the best products in a vast and interconnected online space with a logistics centre of over 6,000 m².

Reliability is our flagship: you can safely choose certified supplements from the best brands.

Do you know why?

  • All the supplements in our catalogue are notified to the Ministry of Health.
  • We carry out scrupulous sampling control systems to check every month that the products comply with current regulations, respect the declarations on the label and do not contain prohibited substances.
  • We are at your disposal before, during and after the purchase, sharing our knowledge on nutrition, sport and health with you.

Towards sustainability for the sake of the environment

We not only care about your well-being, but also about the health of our planet.

In line with our corporate values and commitment to environmental protection, we adopt environmentally friendly solutions every day.

So what?

We have already eliminated the use of plastic from the packaging of our products, we ship your orders free of charge throughout Italy using certified recycled paper packaging.

And then what?

We are also working to reduce the use of plastic in our product packaging by moving towards sustainable packaging and increasingly plastic-free production.
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