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Your loyalty deserves a prize, which is why we have various initiatives to reward you every time you shop on our site. Discover all of them on this page and start immediately to collect what you deserve!

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Every 100 Euros spent on the site you are entitled to a gift selected for you..
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Discount codes

Get immediate access to additional discounts on your order
Discount codes entitle you to immediate additional discounts on your order. Be careful! All discount codes have a limited time validity: don't wait for them to expire!
Active discount codes
How can you use discount codes?
Using the IAFSTORE discount codes is very simple:
  • Log in to the site
  • Do your usual shopping on IAFSTORE, adding the products to the cart
  • Go to the cart page, and in the "Discount Code" field, enter the discount code you want to use for the purchase and, for the products related to that code, you will have applied the relative additional discount.
  • Then you can go ahead and complete the order
Codici sconto
How to use discount codes?
Log in, go to the cart, and enter the code in the box below, see image:

Notesarrow down
  • discount codes cannot be combined with other offers on the site
  • for each order, a maximum of 1 discount code can be entered
  • the products on offer marked in green are not discounted
  • discount codes are NOT valid on the purchase of these brands:  +WATT, ETHICSPORT, GJAV, INKOSPOR, PROACTION, VOLCHEM, PER4M
  • discount codes are not valid on the purchase of SOP / OTC drugs and homeopathic medicines
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