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Loyalty Program
Customer Care
Programma fedeltà

Your loyalty deserves a reward, which is why we have thought of various initiatives to reward you every time you shop on our site.
Find out all on this page and start earning what you deserve right away!

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Complimentary products
Every 120 Euros spent on the site you are entitled to a gift selected for you.
Browse the free products currently available:
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Discount codes
Get immediate access to additional discounts on your order
Discount codes entitle you to immediate additional discounts on your order. Be careful! All discount codes have a limited time validity: don't wait for them to expire!
Active discount codes
How can you use discount codes?
Using the IAFSTORE discount codes is very simple:
  • Log in to the site
  • Do your usual shopping on IAFSTORE, adding the products to the cart
  • Go to the cart page, and in the "Discount Code" field, enter the discount code you want to use for the purchase and, for the products related to that code, you will have applied the relative additional discount.
  • Then you can go ahead and complete the order
Codici sconto
How to use discount codes?
Log in, go to the cart, and enter the code in the box below, see image:

Notesarrow down
  • discount codes cannot be combined with other offers on the site
  • for each order, a maximum of 1 discount code can be entered
  • the products on offer marked in green are not discounted
  • discount codes are not valid on the purchase of SOP / OTC drugs and homeopathic medicines
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Best price guaranteed
Iafstore will do everything to offer you the best products at the best price.
If you find a product at a lower price, please contact us using the appropriate form.
Go to the page of the chosen product
Search for "Best price guaranteed"
Fill out the request form
Get your minimum price!
Notesarrow down

Iafstore will not take into consideration the prices of non-competing stores or establishments that do not share their guaranteed minimum price program, mainly for the following reasons:

  • Suspicion of fraudulent website
  • Stores that inflate shipping costs to increase their profit margin
  • Shops that do not issue the necessary tax documentation including VAT
  • Stores that are applying product clearance policies and therefore do not offer a continuous stock service
  • The guaranteed minimum price does not apply to SOLGAR products
  • The guaranteed minimum price does not apply to medicines and homeopaths
  • Per each order you are entitled to a maximum of 3 guaranteed minimums

Iafstore will not take into consideration the prices of non-competing stores or establishments that do not share their guaranteed minimum price program, mainly for the following reasons:

  • The product must be available both on the Iafstore website and in the competing store
  • The total value of the order, taken into account for the comparison, includes the shipping costs
  • The delivery service must be equivalent in both stores

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Cart Recovery
What are coupons?
On the products of the selected brands, you accumulate a percentage of the value spent on coupons, to be spent on your next order.

You will be able to use the coupons in the next order by purchasing products of the following brands:
Yamamoto NutritionYamamoto
Yamamoto ResearchYamamoto
Notes arrow down
  • Shipping costs are not included in the coupon calculation
  • The voucher issued with the fulfilled order can only be used for the next purchase
  • The coupon is valid only for the purchase of the brands indicated on this page
  • The coupon can be spent on the purchase of a minimum amount of the selected brands (net of any additional discounts), always indicated on the site at the time of accumulating the coupon and at the time of using the coupon
  • In the event of cancellation of the order that generated the coupon and / or the order in which the coupon was / should have been used, the latter will be withdrawn and cannot be restored.
  • The promotion is not valid for reseller customers
Important arrow down

The coupon is awarded when the order is fulfilled: if a new order is placed before the first one, only the bonus for the last order processed will be credited.

We therefore recommend that you wait for the order to be processed and the voucher to be credited before placing a new order.

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