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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Carnitine LIQUID Carnipure® Quality 20 vials of 25ml $ 39,39 $ 46,35

Votes: 24 Yamamoto® Nutrition carnitine LIQUID 20 vials of 25ml. LIQUID carnitine is a dietary supplement that provides 1000 mg of L-carnitine carnipure per daily dose. Each vial contains 3000 mg of L-carnitine in liquid form Carnipure®.

ALPHAZER Acetyl L-carnitine 60 capsules $ 18,65 $ 21,95 Alphazer Acetyl- L-carnitina 60 capsules. ACETYL L-CARNITINE is a food supplement also suitable for athletes, which provides 1000 mg of acetyl L-carnitine per daily dose.

ONE PROTEIN Thermo 90 capsules $ 12,19 $ 20,73

Votes: 143 One Protein Thermo 90 Capsules. Thermo is a food supplement based on extracts of plants in capsules, suitable for adults to be used in the context of low-calorie diets aimed at controlling and reducing body weight. In particular, chromium contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients and to the maintenance of normal levels of glucose in the blood; Fucus contributes to the balance of body weight, promotes the metabolism of lipids (along with Garcinia and bitter orange) and acts as a metabolic stimulus (along with bitter orange).

ONE PROTEIN Thermo 90 tablets $ 11,39 $ 13,41

Votes: 19 One Protein Thermo 90 tablets. Thermo is a food supplement based on plant extracts, caffeine, glucomannan, taurine, beta alanine and chromium indicated for adults, to be used in the context of low-calorie diets aimed at controlling body weight. Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Microcircolo 30 tablets $ 17,56 $ 19,51

Votes: 23 Yamamoto® Research Microcircolo 30 tablets. Microcircolo is a food supplement with micronized diosmin, troxerutin, bromelain and hesperidin, with bilberry and centella plant extract.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-BURN® 120 capsules $ 26,95 $ 31,71

Votes: 57 Yamamoto Nutrition Ai-BURN® New Formula 120 capsules. AI BURN New Formula is a food supplement providing L-Tyrosine, plant extracts and caffeine, to be used in the context of low-calorie diets for weight control.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Cranberry 30 tablets $ 8,77 $ 9,75

Votes: 19 Yamamoto® Research Cranberry 30 tablets. The cranberry has long been recognised as an effective dietary supplement for protecting people against urinary tract infections; in particular it is used for the prevention of recurrent cystitis, thanks to an antibacterial and "anti-adhesive" activity due to the irreversible inhibition of bacterial adhesion to the wall of the bladder, and is an element capable of regulating the pH of urine.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Macuril® 30 tablets $ 21,76 $ 25,61

Votes: 37 Yamamoto® Research Macuril® 30 tablets. D-mannose is increasingly widespread in food supplement-based treatments of cystitis, and the synergy of action with cranberry, as found in Macuril®, makes it one of the natural remedies of choice as a preventive activity, adjuvant to acute and maintenance phases.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Caffè Verde 30 capsules $ 15,54 $ 18,29

Votes: 51 Yamamoto® Research Caffè Verde 30 Capsules. The Green Coffee food supplement is a good adjunct to be included for the control of body weight, in association with slimming diets. Compared to black coffee, it is able to promote the energy metabolism of fatty acids, having a positive action on the management of blood glucose, acting more gradually and with a longer duration in time.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-DREN® 240 capsules $ 63,67 $ 70,75

Votes: 19 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-DREN® 240 capsules. Ai-DREN® is a food supplement with a high fibre content as well as other functional ingredients. n particular, the plant extracts it contains contribute to the body's detoxifying functions (Dandelion, Wakame), the drainage of body fluids (cranberry, cherry) and maintenance of normal urinary tract function (Lespedeza). Also, the rhubarb extract promotes regular bowel movements and digestive function. Finally, the iodine contributes to maintaining normal skin. Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-DREN® is undoubtedly one of the best products in its class. The high dosage of active ingredients it contains makes it a very powerful product. Recommended for those seeking the best, without compromises!

IAFSTORE SUPPLEMENTS CLA Softgels Tonalin® 90 softgels $ 18,78 $ 26,83

Votes: 60 Iafstore Supplements CLA SOFTGELS Tonalin® 90 softgels. CLA SOFTGELS is a food supplement which provides 2400 mg/daily dose of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), family of isomers of linoleic acid. Experimental research indicates that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) works with the body's enzymes involved in mobilization and fat storage. Used mainly by athletes in the context of a low-calorie diet to promote a correct ratio of lean mass/fat mass.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-LIPOROL® 180 capsules $ 66,36 $ 78,07

Votes: 138 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-LIPOROL® 180 capsules. The powerful new-generation thermogenic. The revolution that this product brings in its typology arises from the insertion of new effective and synergistic active elements (cocoa, green tea, green coffee, Guinea pepper, chilli pepper, bitter orange) to best promote the thermogenesis and mobilisation of accumulated fats without unnecessarily enriching stimulants.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-LIPOROL® 90 capsules $ 39,39 $ 46,35

Votes: 124 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-LIPOROL® 90 capsules. The powerful new-generation thermogenic. The revolution that this product brings in its typology arises from the insertion of new effective and synergistic active elements (cocoa, green tea, green coffee, Guinea pepper, chilli pepper, bitter orange) to best promote the thermogenesis and mobilisation of accumulated fats without unnecessarily enriching stimulants.

IAFSTORE SUPPLEMENTS Carni Tartrate Carnipure® 90 tablets $ 23,78 $ 31,71

Votes: 66 IAFSTORE® Carni Tartrate Carnipure® 90 tablets. Food supplement based on Carnipure® quality tartrate L-Carnitine. Food supplement based on Carnipure® quality tartrate L-Carnitine. Each tablet brings 1,000 mg of active ingredient. The main metabolic function of Carnipure® L-Carnitine consists in the transport of long-chain fatty acids in the mitochondrial matrix for beta-oxidation. Beta-oxidation is the metabolic pathway for using fat stores as an energy source.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Glucovit® 30 capsules $ 17,56 $ 19,51

Votes: 107 Yamamoto® Research Glucovit® 30 capsules. Glucovit® is a dietary supplement based on plant extracts, berberis extract contributes to the regular function of the cardiovascular system, while bitter melon and gymnema support carbohydrate metabolism. Bitter melon contributes to the physiological arterial pressure and berberis, momordica and cinnamon help maintain regular intestinal transit. Keeping blood glucose under control is essential for health, since too high levels lead to weight gain over time, to a specific form of damage caused by the reaction of glucose with proteins. i.e. glycation, and to disorders related to insulin resistance that can open the door to serious diseases such as arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular incidents. When proper nutrition and healthy physical activity do not suffice, nature may still also come to your aid with the active phytoextract elements contained in Glucovit. This food supplement uses the synergy of effective natural hypoglycemic agents such as Berberine, Bitter Melon, Gymnema Sylvestre and Cinnamon.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Diuricell® 1000ml $ 38,42 $ 42,69

Votes: 586 Yamamoto® Research Diuricell® 1000ml. Diuricell® is a food supplement with plant extracts and bromelain, suitable to support the elimination functions of the organism and body weight control. Water retention is the accumulation of liquids in intercellular spaces, that is, those between cell and cell, and is due to an imbalance between the venous and lymphatic systems. Diuricell® is a practical and pleasant drink which acts from inside the body, purifying, stimulating diuresis, and helping to dispose of excess fluids and toxins that cause water retention, swelling, inflammation, venous insufficiency and also cellulite.

ONE PROTEIN Acetyl L-Carnitine 90 tablets $ 16,58 $ 19,51

Votes: 141 One Protein Acetyl L-Carnitine 90 Caplets. Dietary supplement based on Acetyl l-Carnitine with 1,000 mg of active ingredient per capsule. Acetyl L-Carnitine is a food supplement suitable for adult athletes, based on Carnitine (from Acetyl L-Carnitine), a physiological carrier of fatty acids.

ONE PROTEIN Carnitine 90 tablets $ 15,54 $ 18,29

Votes: 121 One Protein Carnitine 90 tablets. Carnitine is a dietary supplement of Carnitine in tablets of 1000 mg, (Carnitine tartrate), useful in case of reduced dietary intake of this nutrient. Carnitine is the vitamin-like compound responsible for transporting long-chain fatty acids into energy-producing cellular units: the mitochondria.

IAFSTORE SUPPLEMENTS Carnitine Powder 150 grams $ 19,51 $ 24,39

Votes: 121 IAFSTORE® Carnitine Powder 150 grams. CARNITINE POWDER is a food supplement providing L-carnitine from L-carnitine tartrate and L-acetylcarnitine, powdered drink, suitable for sportsmen performing intense physical activities. Carnitine is the vitamin-like compound responsible for the transport of long-chain fatty acids in cellular units of energy production: the mitochondria. The camitin performs many other physiological functions, including the conversion of the ketoacid analogs of branched chain amino acids, valine, Ieucine and isoleucine, an extremely important function in fasting, inediation and during exercise.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Hydroxytex® 30 tablets $ 10,36 $ 12,19

Votes: 98 Yamamoto® Research Hydroxytex® 30 tablets. Hydroxytex® is a garcinia-fruit-extract-based dietary supplement proposed as a low-calorie diet aid for weight management and reduction. In particular, garcinia contributes to lipid metabolism and stablizing body weight. It also helps curb your appetite. In phytotherapy Garcinia Cambogia is used to make weight loss and lower cholesterol levels from the blood.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Ai-BURN® HARDCORE 90 capsules $ 37,32 $ 43,91

Votes: 114 Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN® HARDCORE 90 capsules. Ai-BURN® HARDCORE is a dietary supplement as an adjunct of diets to control and weight reduction. plant extracts present in the product favoring the balance of body weight (Coleus, Mate) and stimulation of the metabolism (chilli), in particular that of lipids (Bitter Orange) and carbohydrates (Ginseng). The extract of green tea also plays a tonic function to counteract the physical and mental fatigue. Only Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN® HARDCORE is able to offer a quantitative so high in active ingredients in a single dose! If you are looking for the best Yamamoto® Nutrition Ai-BURN® HARDCORE it is the right choice!

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Lipoic-CR 100 capsules $ 19,75 $ 21,95

Votes: 83 Yamamoto® Nutrition Lipoic-CR 100 capsules. Lipoic-CR is a food supplement providing 300mg of alpha lipoic acid and 200mcg of chromium picolinate.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION CHNOS-MIMETIC® 60 tablets $ 21,95 $ 24,39

Votes: 76 Yamamoto® Nutrition CHNOS-MIMETIC® 60 tablets. CHNOS-MIMETIC® is a dietary supplement containing alpha lipoic acid, chromium picolinate and plant extracts, Yamamoto® Nutrition has managed to create a product for those who are looking for a cutting edge formulation specifically to help regulate the metabolism of macronutrients. Whether for weight loss or gain, the important thing is that glucose arrive at the muscle cell and not the adipose tissue.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Syne CAPS 60 capsules $ 8,77 $ 9,75

Votes: 60 Yamamoto® Nutrition Syne CAPS 60 capsules. SYNE CAPS is a dietary supplement that provides 30 mg of Synephrine from Citrus aurantium.

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