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Oil for Hair

The hair oil is very useful to restore strength, shine and silkiness to our hair before or after shampoo, depending on the result we want to obtain. There is an oil for every kind of hair and what makes it so useful and precious are the substances of which it is composed, in fact, is made up of fatty acids and vitamins with an antioxidant power that heal the hair making it shiny and beautiful.

Oil for Hair
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PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Olio Nativo d'Argan 30ml € 9,00 € 15,00

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Olio Nativo d'Argan 30ml. Precious 98.5% pure organic Argan oil, enriched only with Vitamin E with antioxidant activity and a delicate and fresh sensual fragrance.

ALTA NATURA Castor Oil 100ml € 5,25 € 7,00

Votes: 8 Alta Natura Olio di Ricino 100ml. Castor oil

DR. ORGANIC Organic Moroccan Argan Oil - 100% Pure Oil 50ml € 14,18

Votes: 8 Dr. Organic Organic Moroccan Argan Oil - 100% Pure Oil 50ml. Pure Organic Argan Oil is renowned for its natural antioxidant and anti-aging properties and is rich in ferulic acids, eight essential fatty acids, carotenoids, anti-oxidants, sterols, saponins and polyphones.

ERBA VITA Argan Oil 50ml € 13,44 € 16,80

Votes: 5 ErbaVita Olio di Argan 50ml. Argan oil