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Retention and cellulite

Light legs target Bikini.
Everything you need to fight excess fluid accumulation, reduce inflammation and signs of water retention.

Protecting capillaries and fighting oedema and cellulite is now easier!



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Retention and cellulite
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Diuricell 1000ml - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Diuricell 1000ml € 29,73 on special offer € 34,98

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 29,73
Votes: 602 Yamamoto® Research Diuricell 1000ml. Diuricell is a food supplement with plant extracts and bromelain, suitable to support the elimination functions of the organism and body weight control. Water retention is the accumulation of liquids in intercellular spaces, that is, those between cell and cell, and is due to an imbalance between the venous and lymphatic systems. Diuricell is a practical and pleasant drink which acts from inside the body, purifying, stimulating diuresis, and helping to dispose of excess fluids and toxins that cause water retention, swelling, inflammation, venous insufficiency and also cellulite.

Microcircolo New Formula 30 tablets - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Microcircolo New Formula 30 tablets € 19,46 on special offer € 22,90

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 19,46
Votes: 2 Yamamoto® Research Microcircolo New Formula 30 tablets. Microcircolo is a food supplement containing micronised diosmin, rutin, bromelain and hesperidin, with plant extracts of bilberry and centella asiatica.

Vasomil 30 sachets - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Vasomil 30 sachets € 59,42 on special offer € 69,90

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 59,42
Votes: 6 Not available Yamamoto® Research Vasomil 30 sachets. Vasomil is a new Yamamoto® Research food supplement, based on µsmin® Plus (innovative formulation of diosmin with superior absorption and bioavailability), Bromelain, Sweet Clover, Horse Chestnut, Pycnogenol®, and Bilberry Vitablue®, whose synergistic action makes it potentially a great ally for the physiological health of the microcirculation of the legs.

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