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Smoothie & Shake Special
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Balance - Smoothie 300 g - ENERZONA

ENERZONA Balance - Smoothie 300 g € 14,00 € 17,50

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 8,75
Enerzona Balance - Smoothie 300 g. Balance - Smoothie is the 40-30-30 balanced smoothie, ideal both for those who follow the Zone diet and for those who value a balanced diet, thanks to its perfectly balanced formulation in macronutrients (40% of the calories come from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and the remaining 30% from fat).

Shake 1 sachet of 53 grams - ENERZONA

ENERZONA Shake 1 sachet of 53 grams € 3,07 € 4,20

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 2,10
Votes: 8 EnerZona Shake 1 bag of 53g. Enerzona Shake is a shake with a pleasant and delicate taste, based on pea proteins, ideal for those who want to keep body weight under control.

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