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Japanese delicacies and seasonings

Japanese delicacies and seasonings
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FIOR DI LOTO Organic Kuzu 80 grams € 5,99 Fior di Loto Kuzu Bio 80g. Starch of organic Kuzu root

FIOR DI LOTO Soba 250 grams € 4,21 Fior di Loto Soba 250g. Food specialties of wheat with buckwheat

PROBIOS Mitoku - Rice Vinegar 250ml € 4,54

Votes: 3 Mitoku Probios Aceto di Riso 250ml. Brown rice sour seasoning is a pleasant condiment with a sweet, acidulous flavour.

KI Lima - Marinades Teriyaki 250ml € 6,30

Votes: 1 Lima Marinades Teriyaki 250ml. Sweet soy sauce

FIOR DI LOTO Seamore - I Sea Pasta Tagliatelle 100 grams € 7,84

Votes: 1 Not available Fior Di Loto Seamore - I Sea Pasta Tagliatelle 100 grams. Get the daily intake of nutrients from the superfood I sea pasta, it’s good for you and for the planet! It is a fresh sea vegetable ready to be used as pasta, veggies or creatively anything in between.

KI ClearSpring - Dried Daikon 40 grams € 3,85 Not available Ki ClearSpring - Dried Daikon 40 grams. An extremely versatile food which is one of the quintessential vegetables in the Japanese diet. Clearspring Organic Dried Daikon is made without colours or additives and to traditional, time honoured methods.

FIOR DI LOTO Nori 10 sheets of 2,5 grams € 5,99 Not available Fior di Loto Nori 10 sheets of 2,5g. Japanese seaweed Nori (Porphya yezoensis) for sushi

PROBIOS Mitoku - Acidulato di Umeboshi 250ml € 2,99

Votes: 3 Not available Mitoku Probios Acidulato di Umeboshi 250ml. Seasoning made from fermented umeboshi apricots.