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ALOVEX Collutorio Protezione Attiva 120 ml $ 9,04 Alovex Collutorio Protezione Attiva 120 ml. Protects, reduces pain, promotes scarring. It does not cause burning, acts locally, suitable for adults and children. Aphthae, stomatitis, diffuse canker sores and small mouth injuries such as those caused by contact with orthodontic, fixed and mobile appliances.

ALOVEX Ferite Crema Idrofila 30 ml $ 9,25

Votes: 1 Alovex Ferite Crema Idrofila 30 ml. Alovex Ferite is a medical device indicated in case of skin lesions such as wounds, abrasions, burns, ulcers; it is also useful for the skin in case of treatments that can cause stress and injuries (radiotherapy, peeling and beauty treatments) and in case of pressure sores.

ALOVEX Dentizione 10 ml $ 9,25 Alovex Dentizione 10 ml. Thanks to this gel it is possible to give a quick relief to pain and discomfort associated with the birth of the first teeth, the components contained in it are able to provide excellent effectiveness in the short term.

ALOVEX Cerotti Protezione Attiva per Afte e Lesioni 15 plasters $ 10,28 Alovex Cerotti Protezione Attiva per Afte e Lesioni 15 plasters. It forms a protective film that isolates canker sores and mouth lesions, reducing pain and the risk of further irritation.

ALOVEX Gel Protezione Attiva 8 ml $ 9,77 Alovex Gel Protezione Attiva 8 ml. With canker sores and mouth injuries even eating can make you suffer. Alovex Active protection with its protective film reduces pain, promotes scarring and helps healing. In case of canker sores, aphthous stomatitis, diffuse canker sores and small lesions of the mouth.

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