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BENEFIBRA Fibra 100% Vegetale 28 sachets $ 14,04 $ 15,60

Votes: 3 Benefibra Fibra 100% Vegetale 28 sachets. Benefibra is a dietary supplement of PHGG fiber, obtained from the partial hydrolysis of Guar gum, a plant typical of India and Pakistan.

BENEFIBRA Fibra Liquida al Gusto Mela Verde 12 sachets $ 12,32 $ 15,60 Benefibra Fibra Liquida al Gusto Mela Verde 12 sachets. Benefibra Green Apple Flavored Liquid Fiber Food supplement of PHGG fiber, soluble and non-gelling fiber that derives from an enzymatic hydrolysis process of Guar Gum.

BENEFIBRA con Destrine di Grano 100% Vegetale 155 grams $ 14,04 $ 15,60

Votes: 2 Benefibra con Destrine di Grano 100% Vegetale 155 grams. Benefibra Nuova Formula is a food supplement based on soluble fiber derived from wheat (gluten-free product) with a high fiber content (3 g per sachet and 5 g per tablespoon) . Benefibra Nuova Formula promotes the balance of the intestinal flora.

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