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Our 100% organic dried fruit spreads in 3 different flavours: Almonds, Hazelnuts and Peanuts. WE MAKE THEM AS YOU WOULD MAKE THEM: By selecting the best product, processing it in a gentle process, grinding them and then mixing them with the natural oils of the fruit itself.

IAFSTORE spreads are produced, processed and marketed in full respect of the environment, from the raw material to the completely sustainable packaging, guaranteeing the following characteristics:


  1. They do not contain hydrogenated oils, sugars, salt, thickeners, preservatives or dyes.
  2. They are produced from 100% organic farming.
  3. They only use raw materials selected naturally or lightly toasted.
  4. They are made exclusively from the fruit grinding process.
  5. They preserve the maximum naturalness, Nutrition information and peculiarities of the fruit.

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IAFSTORE FOOD 100% Crema di Nocciole 300 Grams $ 11,26 $ 16,09 IAFSTORE® 100% Crema di Nocciole 300 Grams. Made exclusively from organically grown hazelnuts, rich in vitamins and minerals, IAFSTORE®'s Organic hazelnut spread is an energy boost.

IAFSTORE FOOD 100% Crema di Arachidi 300 Grams $ 5,62 $ 8,04

Votes: 2 IAFSTORE® 100% Crema di Arachidi 300 Grams. Our 100% organic peanut cream is first and foremost a food rich in plant proteins. A source of unsaturated fats, i.e. 'good fats' for the body, also known as Omega 3 and 6.

IAFSTORE FOOD 100% Crema di Mandorle 300 Grams $ 12,06 $ 17,24 IAFSTORE® 100% Crema di Mandorle 300 Grams. Organic spreadable cream by IAFSTORE®, 100% almonds with no added sugar.

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