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AMAZON SEEDS Organic Kombu Seaweed Powder 250 grams $ 16,32 $ 19,20

Votes: 1 Amazon Seeds Organic Kombu Seaweed Powder 250 grams

ALTA NATURA Terra Nata - Fucus $ 11,70 $ 18,00 Alta Natura Terra Nata - Fucus. The herbalist tradition ranks it among the slimming products. Its iodine content, in fact, stimulates the activity of the thyroid, increasing the metabolism of lipids, thus reducing the fat mass.

PROMOPHARMA Fucus Hydroalcoholic Solution 50ml $ 11,34 $ 16,20

Votes: 2 Prompharma Fucus Soluzione Idroalcolica 50ml. Dietary supplement - Fucus vesiculosus L.

ERBA VITA Fucus Composto 100 g $ 4,68 $ 6,24

Votes: 5 Erba Vita Fucus Compound 100g. Fucus, a natural source of iodine, is useful for stimulating the metabolism. The fundamental property of the Fucus composed is the stimulus of the metabolism.

STUR DEE Alga Marina 250 tablets $ 15,36 $ 19,20

Votes: 5 Stur Dee Alga Marina 250 tablets. Dietary supplement

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Fucus (Bladder Wrack) 60 capsules $ 10,36 $ 13,80

Votes: 4 ErbaVoglio Capsule Monoplanta - Fucus (Quercia Marina) 60 capsules. Dietary supplement

KEFORMA Fucus T 90 capsules $ 25,20 $ 33,60

Votes: 2 KeForma Fucus T 90 capsules. Fucus T is a dietary supplement containing selected active principles from plant extracts. Fucus T may be used as an adjuvant to hypocaloric diets for weight loss.

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