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Curcuma Stick 30 sachets

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Yamamoto Research Curcuma Stick 30 stick of 2 grams. Curcuma Stick is a dietary supplement providing 500 mg of turmeric extract per daily dose, which has an antioxidant effect. The turmeric contained in Curcuma Stick HydroCurc® provides the highest load of curcuminoids in a formulation. Thus enabling one of the best bioavailable efficacies on the market.

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Yamamoto Research - Curcuma Stick - IAFSTORE.COM

Curcuma Stick

Curcuma Stick is a food supplement that provides 500 mg of turmeric extract per daily dose, which has an antioxidant * action.

The benefits of turmeric, and in particular curcuminoids, have now been widely studied and boast extensive scientific research and very long traditional value in oriental medicines, proving to be among some of the most powerful antioxidants against excess oxidative stress and exceptional natural anti-inflammatories. Handed down by the use of millenary Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric extract and its curcuminoids have a very wide potential field of action.

The known problem of turmeric extracts concerns the poor absorption capacity by the body. Here, lately, the use of particular forms of absorption / transport has been taken as a reference, so that we can truly benefit from the positive effects on the body.

Curcuma Stick contains one of the most innovative and highly bioavailable forms of turmeric on the market, using HydroCurc®, a cold water dispersible powdered Curcuma longa extract, specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of curcuminoids, using Pharmako's unique patented technology. Biotechnologies, "LipiSperse®", an award-winning patented release system that improves the bioavailability of lipophilic substances where it has been possible to improve the severely limited ability of curcuminoids to dissolve in aqueous environments, and where this technology has instead allowed curcuminoid particles to being able to disperse freely, increasing bioavailability compared to most "standard" curcumin extracts on the market.

Featuring over 85% curcuminoids and proven in published pharmacokinetic studies to deliver 807 ng / ml of curcuminoids in the blood plasma, the turmeric contained in the Curcuma Stick HydroCurc® thus provides the highest load of curcuminoids in a formulation that is now dispersible in water cold, thus allowing a bioavailable efficacy among the best ever on the market, demonstrating its effectiveness with lower dosages and with a faster action effect.


  • HydroCurc® Winner NutraIngredients Asia Botanical of the Year 2018
  • LipiSperse® Finalist NutraIngredients Asia Editors Award for Innovation 2018
  • HydroCurc® Finalist NutraIngredients Botanical of the Year 2018
  • HydroCurc® Finalist NutraIngredients Editors Award for Innovation 2018
  • LipiSperse® Semi Finalist Australian Technologies Competition 2018
  • HydroCurc® Finalist NutraIngredients Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year 2019
  • LipiSperse® Winner NutraIngredients Editors Award for Functional Food Innovation of the year 2019
  • HydroCurc® Finalist NutraIngredients Asia Healthy Ageing Ingredient of the Year 2019
  • LipiSperse® Winner NutraIngredients Asia Nutrition Research Project of the Year 2019
  • LipiSperse® Winner European Specialist Sports Nutrition Award Most Innovative Idea for the year 2019

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DIRECTIONS: take 1 buccal stick per day.

Net content: 60 g

Warnings: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Keep in a cold and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources and sunlight.

Nutrition information
  Per daily dose (1 stick of 2g)
Turmeric extract
500 mg
of which curcuminoids 425 mg
* RI: Reference Assumptions
Ingredients: maltodextrin, HYDROCURC® [dry turmeric extract ( Curcuma longa L., rhizome) 85% curcuminoids, medium chain triglycerides, contains gluten ], acidity regulator: citric acid; flavoring, sweetener: sucralose; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.

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la migliore Curcuma sul mercato , ad un prezzo accessibile. 5 stelle
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