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Zinc contributes: the normal acid-base and carbohydrate metabolism, to normal cognitive function, to normal DNA synthesis, to normal fertility and normal reproduction, to normal metabolism of macronutrients, to the normal metabolism of vitamin A, to the normal protein synthesis, to maintenance of normal levels of testosterone in the blood, to the maintenance of normal vision, to the normal function of the immune system, to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and intervenes in the process of division of cells.

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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Zinco 30 capsules € 4,49 € 4,99

Votes: 7 Yamamoto® Research Zinco 30 capsules. This precious mineral is involved in a large number of enzymatic processes and has an important role in growth, development and neurological function, with a great impact on growth and the immune response.

METAGENICS ZincoDyn 112 tablets € 11,99 € 19,99

Votes: 3 Metagenics ZincoDyn 112 tablets. ZincDyn is an adult food supplement containing zinc that contributes to the maintenance of normal nails, hair, skin and bones. ZincoDyn contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid.

SOFAR Biomagen Plus € 5,96 € 14,90

METAGENICS ZincoDyn € 8,74 € 12,49

BIOTECH USA Calcium Zinc Magnesium 100 tablets € 12,77 Biotech Usa Calcium Zinc Magnesium 100 tablets. This exclusive formula from Biotech USA supplies 1000 mg of calcium per serving and important cofactors like zinc, magnesium, copper and boron.

NATURE'S BOUNTY Max Zinc 100 tablets € 11,20

Votes: 2 Nature's Bounty Max Zinc 100 tablets. Max-Zinc is a food supplement based on Zinc. Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system, to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the normal functioning of the immune system, to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to normal cognitive function.

SOLGAR Picozinco 100 tablets € 16,35

Votes: 6 Solgar Picozinco 100 tablets, Zinc Picolinate. Food supplement based on zinc picolinate, particularly bioavailable for the body.

SOLGAR Oligo Zin Plus 50 buccal tablets € 13,14

Votes: 3 Solgar Oligo Zin Plus 50 buccal tablets, Zinc. Zinc gluconate and zinc citrate in tablets to be dissolved in the mouth, with the natural taste of lemon and lime with dehydrated raw sugar cane juice.

PROMOPHARMA Promoligo 20 Zinc 20 x 2ml € 11,83 € 16,90

Votes: 3 Prompharma Promoligo 12 Zinc 20 drinkable ampoules x 2ml.

BOTANICAL MIX Cizinco Pocket 30 sachets € 10,88 € 13,60 Botanical Mix Cizinco Pocket 30 sachets. Cizinco pocket is a food supplement based on vitamin C and zinc which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

SAN NUTRITION Calcium Magnesium Zinc + D3 € 9,28

Votes: 1 San Nutrition Calcium Magnesium Zinc + D3 90 tablets. Calcium Magnesium Magnesium Zinc + D3 is a balanced and complete blend of minerals and vitamins specifically formulated to support the active individual.

ERBA VITA VitaOligum - dlG 20 vials of 2ml € 8,48 € 11,30 Erba Vita VitaOligum - dlG 20 vials of 2ml. Erba Vita VitaOligum Dlg is a product rich in trace elements that provides support to the body in case there is a lack of elements. Erba Vita VitaOligum contains Dlg, a very important trace element for our body. Trace elements are chemically mineral substances, metals and metalloids present in traces in all living organisms and which are very often difficult to assimilate through food alone.

LONG LIFE Zinc 25 100 tablets € 12,51 € 13,90

Votes: 2 Long Life Zinc 25 100 tablets. Dietary supplement of zinc.

LIFEPLAN Cizinco 30 tablets € 10,20

Votes: 2 Lifeplan Cizinco 30 tablets. Dietary supplement

ANDERSON RESEARCH Zinc-M 60 tablets € 7,92 € 9,90

Votes: 9 Anderson Research Zinco-M 60 tablets. Dietary supplement

BODY ATTACK Zinc Professional 180 capsules € 22,05

Votes: 1 Body Attack Zinc Professional 180 capsules. For athletes in particular, the compound zinc is of particular significance as it provides a number of benefits for training.

STUR DEE Zinco 100 tablets € 15,20 € 19,00

Votes: 4 Stur Dee Zinco 100 tablets. Dietary supplement

ERBA VITA VitaOligum - Zinc 20 vials of 2ml € 8,48 € 11,30

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio VitaOligum - Zinco 20 vials of 2ml. Trace elements in aqueous solution (Zinc).

ERBA VITA Minerals - Zinc 60 capsules € 8,55 € 11,40

Votes: 4 Erba Vita Minerali - Zinco 60 capsules. Dietary supplement

LIFEPLAN Zinc 90 tablets € 6,60

Votes: 4 Lifeplan Zinc 90 tablets. Dietary supplement based on Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate).

JAMIESON Zinc 100 tablets € 11,12

Votes: 15 Jamieson Zinco 100 tablets. Zinc functions as an antioxidant and maintains normal taste and smell.

CABASSI & GIURIATI Nutriva - Zincolip 60 tablets € 12,15 € 13,50

Votes: 2 Not available Cabassi & Giuriati Nutriva - Zincolip 60 tablets. Dietary supplement

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