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Give your lips an impeccable result: thin, precise, shaded or soft: choose your texture and your colour.

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RVB LAB Matita Labbra Water Resistant 1 lip pencil $ 18,12 $ 20,13 Rvb Lab Matita Labbra Water Resistant 1 lip pencil. Vibrant pink lip pencil perfect for a touch of color that enlivens the lips. The creamy and highly pigmented texture glides easily on the lips, drawing in an instant with a thin and comfortable film.

RVB LAB Matita Labbra 1 lip pencil $ 18,56 $ 20,62 Rvb Lab Matita Labbra 1 lip pencil. Soft and comfortable texture, easily blended. With a clean and precise line, it allows you to redefine the contour of the lips with an absolutely natural effect.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Matita Labbra 1 packet $ 13,18 $ 14,64 Rougj Glam Tech - Matita Labbra 1 packet. Pencil with a full line, intense color and matte finish, characterized by a soft and highly writing texture. Redraws the lip contour, helping to correct small defects. In application, the texture is smooth and blends easily. Its composition does not smudge and improves the hold of the lipstick. Tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt. Dermatologically tested.

BIONIKE Defence Color - Matita Labbra Lip Design 6ml $ 8,42 $ 14,03 Bionike Defence Color - Matita Labbra Lip Design 6ml. Soft, flowing product with a precise line. Defines the lip contour and extends the life of the lipstick. Rich in waxes and oils of natural origin, it is extremely comfortable and emollient. Decorative cosmetics for the lips of subjects with sensitive and intolerant skin.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Matitone Rossetto All-Over 1 kit $ 8,67 $ 9,64 Purobio Cosmetics Matitone Rossetto All-Over 1 kit. Thanks to the natural oils contained in it, the lead is soft and smooth, excellent all-over, applying it to the eyes as an eye shadow, to the cheeks as a blush, to the lips as a contour and filling.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Matitone Duo Labbra 1 kit $ 9,77 $ 10,86 Purobio Cosmetics Matitone Duo Labbra 1 kit. The Pencil Duo Lips day & night is ideal for prêt-à – porter, it contains two different shades of lipsticks: coral pink and cherry red.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Long Lasting Matita Occhi 1 kit $ 8,67 $ 9,64 Purobio Cosmetics Long Lasting Matita Occhi 1 kit. Lápiz de larga duración con mina suave, extra negra y perfila la mirada de forma intensa y precisa durante todo el día.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Matita Contorno Labbra 1 kit $ 6,48 $ 7,20 Purobio Cosmetics Matita Contorno Labbra 1 kit. Precise, with a thin line, thanks to the natural oils contained in it, the lead is soft at the right point, and is suitable both for lip makeup, contouring and filling, and for eye makeup, used as eyeliner and / or eyeshadow if blended .

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