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BAULE VOLANTE Orzo Perlato Biologico 500 grams $ 2,54 Baule Volante Orzo Perlato Biologico 500 grams. Barley has been cultivated since ancient times: in flour and grain it was already used in the Egypt of the pharaohs, in Greece and in Rome.

BAULE VOLANTE Farro Dicocco Perlato Biologico 500 grams $ 3,40 Baule Volante Farro Dicocco Perlato Biologico 500 grams. emmer Emmer is a cereal close relative to wheat whose kernels still have glumes or glumette, unlike soft wheat and durum wheat.

BAULE VOLANTE Farro Decorticato Biologico 500 grams $ 3,04 Baule Volante Farro Decorticato Biologico 500 grams. spelt is considered an "ancient" variety of our wheat, a food based on the Etruscans and Romans.

RAPUNZEL Amaranto 500 grams $ 4,39 Rapunzel Amaranto 500 grams. Amaranth beans, a plant native to Central America, already known by the Aztecs for its properties. Amaranth has a good content of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and fiber, and is also gluten-free. It can be used in the preparation of soups or to dress dishes, salads and vegetables.

PROBIOS Soia & Soia - Soy Nuggets Gluten-Free 200 grams $ 4,51 Probios Soia & Soia Bocconcini di Soia Senza Glutine 200g. The nuggets and granular of the brand SOIA & SOIA are guaranteed gluten-free, ideal for the preparation of tasty alternatives to meat dishes.

PROBIOS Soia & Soia - Granular Soy Gluten-Free 200 grams $ 4,51

Votes: 1 Probios Soia & Soia Granulare di Soia Senza Glutine 200g. The nuggets and granular of the brand SOIA & SOIA are guaranteed gluten-free, ideal for the preparation of tasty alternatives to meat dishes.

FIOR DI LOTO Organic Hulled Millet 400 grams $ 3,36 Fior di Loto Miglio Decorticato Origine Italia Bio 400g. Organic hulled millet.

FIOR DI LOTO Organic Hulled Buckwheat 400 grams $ 3,38

Votes: 1 Fior di Loto Grano Saraceno Decorticato Bio 400g. Organic hulled buckwheat.

KI Cereali - Farro Integrale Biologico 500 grams $ 3,04

Votes: 4 Ki Cereali - Farro Integrale Biologico 500 grams. Ki Group Organic Whole spelt is a source of fiber and vegetable Protein. It is a food suitable for any type of diet; healthy and genuine. Ideal for cold salads, side dishes and soups.

KI Cereals - Soft Wheat 500 grams $ 1,94

Votes: 4 Ki Cereali - Grano Tenero 500g. Soft wheat.

PROBIOS Bulgur from Italian Wheat 400 grams $ 2,50

Votes: 3 Probios Bulgur con Frumento Italiano 400g. Bulgur is produced by reducing whole wheat grains in small pieces.

PROBIOS Cereals - Amaranth 400 grams $ 3,17

Votes: 3 Probios Cereali - Amaranto 400g. Organic amaranth. Gluten free

PROBIOS Cereals - Hulled Millet 400 grams $ 3,42

Votes: 3 Probios Cereali - Miglio Decorticato 400g. Organic hulled millet. Gluten free

FIOR DI LOTO Cereals in Grain - Hulled Barley Bio 500 grams $ 2,34

Votes: 2 Fior di Loto Cereali in Chicchi - Orzo Bio Decorticato 500g. Hulled barley bio.

FIOR DI LOTO Tapioca 500 grams $ 5,12

Votes: 4 Fior di Loto Tapioca 500g. Tapioca.

KI Cereali - Boulgour Biologico 500 grams $ 2,92

Votes: 2 Ki Cereali - Boulgour Biologico 500g. Biological Boulgour.

KI Organic Decorticated Buckwheat 500 grams $ 3,04

Votes: 4 Ki Cereali - Grano Saraceno Decorticato Biologico 500g. Organic Decorticated Buckwheat.

KI Hulled barley organic 500 grams $ 2,26

Votes: 2 Ki Cereali - Orzo Decorticato Biologico 500g. Hulled barley organic.

KI Cereals - Organic Wholemeal Oats 500 grams $ 2,75

Votes: 3 Ki Cereals - Organic Wholemeal Oats 500g. Source of fibers. Source of protein.

PROBIOS Hulled Buckwheat 400 grams $ 2,99

Votes: 1 Probios - Hulled Buckwheat 400g. Cereals of Asian origin, staple food for Eastern European countries.

PROBIOS Hulled Oats 400 grams $ 2,38

Votes: 5 Probios Cereals - Hulled Oats 400 grams. Oats are one of the oldest cereals known to man and are an excellent source of protein, vitamins B1 and B2, and anti-oxidants.

PROBIOS Easy To Go - Wheat Germ 250 grams $ 2,26

Votes: 4 Probios Wheat Germ 250g. Extracted from the hard wheat, with the highest vitamin content and a significant antioxidant. Comes in flakes, to be added to yoghourt or to garnish vegetables or pies.

PROBIOS Hulled Barley 400 grams $ 2,07

Votes: 3 Probios Cereals - Hulled Barley 400 grams. Source of vitamin B group, mineral salts such as phosphorous, it is also known as the cereal of the intellect.

PROBIOS Hulled Spelt 400 grams $ 2,62

Votes: 3 Probios Cereals - Hulled Spelt 400 grams. Spelt is a forerunner of wheat which originated in the Fertile Crescent of ancient Mesopotamia and was later grown in Egypt and the Mediterranean, where it became the staple cereal of ancient Rome.

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