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Pino marittimo Pycnogenol® 30 capsules - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Pino marittimo Pycnogenol® 30 capsules € 19,49 on special offer € 29,99

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 16,49
Votes: 24 Yamamoto® Research Pino marittimo Pycnogenol® 30 capsules. Among the most recently developed nutraceuticals, we are witnessing the emergence of pycnogenol, a polyphenol that is obtained from the bark of the French maritime pine (Pinus maritima), and represents one of the most powerful antioxidant complexes in nature.

Enerfuel Liquid 300 ml - One Shot - ALPHAZER

ALPHAZER Enerfuel Liquid 300 ml - One Shot € 3,58 on special offer € 5,50

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 2,70
Alphazer Enerfuel Liquid 300 ml - One Shot. Enerfuel® Liquid is a carbohydrate-based dietary supplement (highly branched cyclodextrin Cluster Dextrin®, isomaltulose Palatinose™) with l-citrulline, beta alanine, l-taurine, maritime pine extract Pycnogenol®, hesperidin WATT'SUP®, coconut water and caffeine. A blend of elements that work in synergy with each other for maximum effectiveness.

Vasomil 30 sachets - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Vasomil 30 sachets € 45,44 on special offer € 69,90

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 38,45
Votes: 6 Yamamoto® Research Vasomil 30 sachets. Vasomil is a new Yamamoto® Research food supplement, based on µsmin® Plus (innovative formulation of diosmin with superior absorption and bioavailability), Bromelain, Sweet Clover, Horse Chestnut, Pycnogenol®, and Bilberry Vitablue®, whose synergistic action makes it potentially a great ally for the physiological health of the microcirculation of the legs.

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