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Astaxantina AstaZine® 30 capsules - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Astaxantina AstaZine® 30 capsules € 14,39 on special offer € 17,99

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 11,69
Votes: 4 Yamamoto® Research Astaxantina AstaZine® 30 capsules. Astaxantina AstaZine® is a food supplement that provides 4 mg of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis per daily dose and has an antioxidant action.

Multivase 90 tablets - YAMAMOTO NUTRITION

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Multivase 90 tablets € 35,99 on special offer € 44,99

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 31,49
Votes: 41 Yamamoto® Nutrition Multivase 90 tablets. Multivase is an all-in-one triple layer supplement with differentiated release technology. This special formulation allows you to take advantage of the beneficial effects operated by the active ingredients in three different times:

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