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IAFSTORE Proteine Isolate della Soia 500 Grams € 17,09 € 18,99

Votes: 3 IAFSTORE® Proteine Isolate della Soia 500 Grams. Food supplement made with 100% certified ProEarth® soy protein isolate.

IAFSTORE Maltodestrina 1000 Grams € 20,69 € 22,99

Votes: 2 IAFSTORE® Maltodestrina 1000 Grams. Food supplement based on carbohydrates from 100% Glucidex® maltodextrins. No addition of ingredients that may be 'heavy' or irritating. No added carbohydrates that can create a "rollercoaster" effect on blood sugar.

IAFSTORE Glutammina 250 Grams € 13,59 € 16,99

Votes: 6 IAFSTORE® Glutammina 250 Grams. Dietary supplement containing 100% Cambridge Assured™ certified l-glutamine. Glutamine has several functions: it helps prevent muscle catabolism and promotes muscle recovery.

IAFSTORE BCAA 8:1:1 250 Grams € 16,79 € 20,99

Votes: 1 Iafstore BCAA 8:1:1 250 Grams. BCAA 8:1:1 is a dietary supplement providing 5 grams per daily dose of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in an 8:1:1 ratio of Cambridge Assured™ quality.

IAFSTORE Proteine del Siero Isolate 1000 grams € 48,79 € 60,99

Votes: 8 IAFSTORE® Proteine del Siero Isolate 1000 grams. Food supplement with whey protein isolate of Isolac® quality. IAFSTORE® whey protein isolate is obtained by CFM cross-flow microfiltration. This allows protein levels close to 90% to be achieved, while preserving important components such as lactoferrins and macropeptides.

IAFSTORE Aminoacidi Essenziali 1000 Grams € 54,89 € 60,99

Votes: 4 IAFSTORE® Aminoacidi Essenziali 1000 Grams. Food supplement based on pure essential amino acids from plant fermentation. Cambridge Assured™ certified quality.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Iso-FUJI® 2000 grams € 89,59 € 127,99

Votes: 1275 Yamamoto® Nutrition Iso-FUJI® 2000 grams. Iso-FUJI® is a dietary supplement with a whey-protein basis isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration Volactive® Ultra Whey XP quality. Microfiltration is the most expensive process for the isolation of protein supplements with a whey-protein basis, but it is also the one that is best at preserving the integrity and the presence of bio-active protein fractions, which determine the quality of the protein.

IAFSTORE Proteine Isolate della Soia 1000 Grams € 30,59 € 33,99 IAFSTORE® Proteine Isolate della Soia 1000 Grams. Food supplement made with 100% certified ProEarth® soy protein isolate.

IAFSTORE Aminoacidi Essenziali 250 Grams € 17,09 € 18,99

Votes: 9 IAFSTORE® Aminoacidi Essenziali 250 Grams. Food supplement based on pure essential amino acids from plant fermentation. Cambridge Assured™ certified quality.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Kamikaze 400 grams € 41,99

Votes: 236 Yamamoto® Nutrition Kamikaze 400g. Kamikaze is a dietary supplement made from the revolutionary CNOP-1 ™ technology. This product is made from ingredients of the highest quality and purity possible, to help maximise your performance during workouts. While developing Kamikaze, the research scientists at Yamamoto® concentrated on nitric oxide mechanisms. Improving this mechanism could produce amazing benefits, in terms of both growth and recovery.


Votes: 2 Yamamoto® Nutrition GlycoBol® PERFORMANCE 1.54Lbs. The drink that can be defined as "optimal" for the support of the most intense and prolonged performance, where all the elements will work at maximum efficiency to support both performance and subsequent muscle recovery, providing factors that accelerate not only their constant supply by exploiting the hyperemia induced by muscle training, but already "positioning" them for the recovery process

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Legionarius 700 grams € 26,99

Votes: 11 Yamamoto® Nutrition Legionarius 700 grams. Food supplement of Palatinose® isomaltulose and branched chain amino acids in a 2: 1: 1 ratio InstAA® quality from vegetable fermentation with the addition of coconut water and salts in citrate form. Thanks to the meticulous collaboration with professional athletes, the continuous listening to their needs and the collaboration between the international MMA champion Alessio Sakara and Dr. Gabriele Trapani we have created Legionarius, a supplement that supports the intense and prolonged training sessions typical of fighters and of all fighting disciplines, Cross Trainers, triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists and bodybuilding lovers.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Muscle Whey COMPLEX 2000 grams € 65,09 € 92,99

Votes: 140 Yamamoto® Nutrition Muscle Whey COMPLEX 4.4 Lbs. Muscle Whey COMPLEX is a supplement based on Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 WPC80 quality whey protein concentrate.


Votes: 51 Yamamoto® Nutrition RacePERFORMANCE 60 capsules. RacePERFORMANCE is a food supplement that practice activities that require concentration, like some sports activities. RacePERFORMANCE consists of a series of arrivals principles including some patented ones like Ashwagandha KSM-66® and Flavonoidi WATT'S UP®. A unique product in its kind suitable for all those seeking energy, high concentration and greater performance in their workouts.

ALPHAZER Alphalyte Energy 500 grams € 21,99

Votes: 1 Alphazer® Alphalyte Energy500 grams. Alphalyte Energy is a 100% isomaltulose Palatinose™ carbohydrate-based food supplement with the addition of citrate mineral salts and WATTS'UP®. No addition of ingredients that can be "heavy" or irritating. No added carbohydrates that can create a "roller coaster" effect on blood sugar.

ALPHAZER Hydramino® Liquid 20 x 25ml € 32,00

Votes: 1 Alphazer® Hydramino® Liquid 20 vials of 25ml. Hydramino® Liquid is a dietary supplement suitable for all sportsmen and women. Thanks to its formulation, it can be used both before, during and after performance, to support faster muscle recovery processes and better hydration.

ALPHAZER Alphagel Power 1 gels of 60 ml € 2,60

Votes: 2 Alphazer Alphagel Power 1 gels of 60 ml. Alphagel Power is the most complete and innovative food supplement in the form of a practical gel stick format that you can have on the market, which contains the two best carbohydrates that can be used for maximum performance of the new generation, namely the highly branched Cyclodextrins Cluster Dextrin® and Isomaltulose Palatinose ™. With the addition of branched chain amino acids BCAA, potassium and magnesium in citrate form.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Pino marittimo 30 capsules € 31,99

Votes: 24 Yamamoto® Research Pino marittimo 30 capsules. Among the most recently developed nutraceuticals, we are witnessing the emergence of pycnogenol, a polyphenol that is obtained from the bark of the French maritime pine (Pinus maritima), and represents one of the most powerful antioxidant complexes in nature.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH GLR® 30 chewable tablets € 21,99

Votes: 31 Yamamoto Research GLR® 30 tablets. GLR ® is a dietary supplement based on Reduced Glutathione (Setria®), with vitamin C and selenium. In particular, both vitamin C and selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress *, while vitamin C also contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E. GLR® is formulated in fast dissolving sublingual tablets, where Setria-Glutathione will be rapidly absorbed by the sublingual tributary venous circulation of the superior vena cava, bypassing the intestinal activity of gamma-glutamyltransferase (absorption occurs at the buccal level), and avoiding enterocyte metabolic avidity and skipping the hepatic filter, preventing the first pass liver metabolism that largely deactivates the molecule, remembering that hepatocytes are particularly abundant.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Wild Caught Advanced Omega 180 capsules € 47,99

Votes: 18 Yamamoto® Research Wild Caught Advanced Omega 180 capsules. Yamamoto® Research Wild Caught Advanced Omega is a food supplement based on concentrated and purified fish oil, 100% from fishing and IFOS™ (International Fish Oil Standards) certified high in omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart* (the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA). Moreover, DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and physiological vision** (the beneficial effects are obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA).

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ligatene® 30 sachets of 6,5 grams € 35,99

Votes: 12 Yamamoto® Research Ligatene® 30 sachets of 6,5 grams. Yamamoto® Research Ligatene® is a food supplement providing 5 g of collagen and 500 mg of bromelain per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Gravipur® 30 tablets € 13,99

Votes: 4 Yamamoto Research Gravipur® 30 tablets. Gravipur is a food supplement of vitamins and minerals, with Schizochytrium oil, a source of DHA. The folic acid * present in the formula contributes to the growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Collagene Idrolizzato 30 sachets of 5 grams € 26,99

Votes: 108 Yamamoto® Research Collagene Idrolizzato 30 sachets of 5 grams. Hydrolysed collagen of Yamamoto® Research contains the peptide collagen VERISOL®, a hydrolysate based on type 1 bio-active collagen, with very high bioavailability, able to stimulate the biosynthesis of new collagen and increase the percentage of elastin in the skin.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml € 34,99

Votes: 349 Yamamoto Research Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml. Innevitil is a food supplement designed for the beauty of the skin and realized to provide hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid to the body. A key element in the product is Collagen of high absorption marine origin, which gives the skin resistance, increasing its tone and firmness. Contains hyaluronic acid that contributes to the formation of the scaffold that supports our skin, maintaining an effective hydration and turgor cutaneous, thanks to its ability to bind and retain large amounts of water. Great innovation in this kind of products comes from Setria, a modern version of glutathione that can be taken orally, which allows us to have the most powerful antioxidants available not only to counteract the action of free radicals, but recent studies have confirmed that its integration has action in the "lighting" of the skin, improving its shine and compactness.

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