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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Lattasi 30 capsules $ 22,43 $ 26,39

Votes: 40 Yamamoto® Research Lattasi 30 capsules. Lattasi is a food supplement providing the enzyme lactase with fennel extract, suitable in case of lactose digestion difficulty. Lactase enzyme improves lactose digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose* (consume with each lactose containing meal).

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Bromelina 30 tablets $ 11,84 $ 15,59

Votes: 59 Yamamoto Research Bromelina 30 tablets. Bromelain is an extract rich in enzymes that derives from the Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. The pineapple is indicated for improving the digestive function, and assist the digestive process if taken with meals. It also supports the drainage of body fluids and the function of the microcirculation, relieving the sensation of heavy legs and combating cellulite. A bromelain-based supplement helps support the body's natural defence mechanisms and is useful for all those conditions involving overproduction of inflammatory substances due to inflammatory, traumatic and painful processes affecting the skeleton, muscular apparatus or other areas such as the respiratory system. Its mechanism of action is well known as being ideal for improving and maintaining the tone of circulation (phlebotonic) and promoting the well-being of the bones and joints, respiratory and urogenital systems.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Enzymasic® 30 capsules $ 15,29 $ 17,99

Votes: 87 Yamamoto® Research Enzymasic® 30 capsules. ENZYMASIC® is a food supplement consisting of selected enzymes. The integration of Enzymasic® favors an excellent support to the stresses of the gastrointestinal system, thus improving the absorption of nutrients and favoring the digestion of macromolecules that are more difficult to "dismantle".

SOLGAR Bromelina Plus 60 vegetarian capsules $ 26,10 Solgar Bromelina Plus 60 vegetarian capsules. Food supplement based on Pineapple extract (Ananas comosus L. Merr., Jambs) titrated in Bromelain. Pineapple is indicated to support the digestive function, the drainage of body fluids (heaviness of the legs) and the functionality of the microcirculation. It also helps to fight cellulite.

BIOS LINE Principium - Bromelina 500mg 30 tablets $ 22,08 $ 27,60 Bios Line Principium - Bromelina 500mg 30 tablets. Bromelain 500 mg Principium is a supplement of pineapple extract, titrated in Bromelain, with high proteolytic activity (2500 GDU / g). The GDU (Gelatin Dissolving Units) is the measure of the ability of Bromelain to "break down" Protein and therefore of its digestive capacity.

GUNA Enzyformula $ 16,52 $ 19,44

Votes: 1

TERRANOVA Digestive Enzimi Complex $ 25,40 $ 29,88

OPTIMA Provida Lipo Support 20 vegetarian capsules $ 11,83 Optima Provida Lipo Support 20 vegetarian capsules. LIPO SUPPORT is one of the most powerful mixtures of natural Enzymes recognized for their ability to break down meat proteins and especially the lipid parts. Correct digestion of the lipid components also helps reduce the level of exogenous cholesterol in the blood, improves the functioning of the gall bladder, and promotes weight loss in a balanced diet.

NATURANDO Lattasi 15000 20 capsules $ 18,90 $ 25,20

Votes: 2 Naturando Lattasi 15000 20 capsules. Lactase 15000 is a food supplement based on lactase and extracts of Fennel and Carvi.

SYFORM Enzy 60 vegetarian capsules $ 15,84 $ 19,80 Syform Enzy 60 vegetarian capsules. Enzy is a food supplement with enzymes and dry extracts titled including fennel, gentian, green anise and ginger that promote digestive functions.

OPTIMA Provida Enzydoc LTT 40 vegetarian capsules $ 20,83

Votes: 3 Optima Provida Enzydoc LTT 40 vegetarian capsules. Dietary supplement

OPTIMA Provida Enzimi Vegetali 60 vegetarian capsules $ 20,83

Votes: 10 Optima Provida Enzimi Vegetali 60 vegetarian capsules. Dietary supplement

SCITEC NUTRITION Lactase Enzyme 100 capsules $ 19,08

Votes: 9 Scitec Nutrition Lactase Enzyme 100 capsules. Lactase (ß-Galactosidase) is a digestive enzyme that breaks down the lactose of milk and dairy products into harmless simple sugars, glucose and galactose.

MUCOS PHARMA Wobenzym® Plus 60 tablets $ 29,63 $ 31,19

Votes: 4 Mucos Pharma Wobenzym® Plus 60 tablets

ALTA NATURA DigeStyl 15 capsules $ 6,24 $ 9,60

Votes: 2 Alta Natura DigeStyl 15 capsules. Dietary Supplement

OPTIMA Provida Enzimi Vegetali 30 capsules $ 12,58

Votes: 4 Optima Provida Enzimi Vegetali 30 capsules. Dietary supplement

AVD EnzymFlor 36 capsules $ 15,20 $ 17,88

Votes: 3 AVD Enzymflor 36 capsules. Dietary supplement

MUCOS PHARMA Wobenzym® Plus 240 tablets $ 89,94 $ 94,68

Votes: 2 Mucos Pharma Wobenzym® Plus 240 tablets

CABASSI & GIURIATI Nutriva - Zymonorm 60 tablets $ 19,98 $ 22,20

Votes: 7 Cabassi & Giuriati Nutriva - Zymonorm 60 tablets. Dietary supplement

SCITEC NUTRITION Bromelain 90 tablets $ 19,80

Votes: 12 Scitec Nutrition Bromelain 90 tablets. Bromelain is a pineapple extract, a mixture of proteindigesting enzymes called proteases.

BOTANICAL MIX Digest Complex 60 vegetarian capsules $ 22,74 $ 29,52

Votes: 2 Botanical Mix Digest Complex 60 vegetarian capsules. DIGEST COMPLEX with enzylact is a food supplement containing a mixture of enzymes.

UNIVERSAL MCGREGOR BIG - DI G Pro 60 capsules + 150 grams + 60 capsules $ 35,14 Universal Mcgregor BIG - DI G Pro 60 capsules + 150 grams + 60 capsules. Food supplement consisting of 3 different formulations (DIGEZYME-GREENS-MEGAFLORA).

AMIX EnzyGen Booster 90 capsules $ 32,47 Amix EnzyGen Booster 90 capsules. Amixâ„¢ EnzyGEN is a food supplement in capsule form for maximal supporting your digestive functions.

LONG LIFE VegZyme 60 tablets $ 17,17 $ 19,08 Long Life VegZyme 60 tablets. Blend of 5 digestive enzymes of 100% vegetable origin.

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