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Insomnia is the condition for which the subject is sleeping too little or sleeping badly. It can be found in different ways but is classified considering three parameters: duration, causes, types. The main causes are muscle tension, the mind become full of thoughts during the sleeping time and bad sleep manners. There are natural remedies, that means without the use of drugs, that helps to defeat insomnia, such as a sedative "diet" consisting of zucchini, beans, pesto, boiled potatoes, salt, parsley, salad facilitates sleep.

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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Relax RESTORE 60 capsules € 21,99

Votes: 13 Yamamoto® Nutrition Relax RESTORE 60 capsules. Supplement that promotes the conditions for more easily inducing sleep thanks to greater physical and mental relaxation, and making it sounder and more restorative thanks to the synergistic presence of elements of proven usefulness.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Gaba 30 capsules € 6,39 € 7,99

Votes: 15 Yamamoto® Research Gaba 30 capsules. GABA – or gamma-aminobutyric acid – is a basic amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter and neuromediator. It is arousing great interest in the scientific community: our organisation has already carried out numerous studies into the anti-stress, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and natural antidepressant properties of GABA.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Melatovil® 20ml € 8,99 € 9,99

Votes: 162 Yamamoto Research Melatovil® 1 bottle. Melatovil® is a food supplement of melatonin, commonly used for its support to the reduction of time taken to fall asleep. Melatonin also contributes to the alleviation of subjective feelings of jet lag** (the beneficial effect is obtained with a minimum intake of 0,5 mg to be taken close to bedtime on the first day of travel and on the following few days after arrival at the destination).

SPECCHIASOL SereNotte Drops 20ml € 6,90 € 11,50 Specchiasol SereNotte Drops 20ml

SOLGAR Golden Dreams 60 tablets € 9,90

Votes: 2 Solgar Golden Dreams 60 tablets. GOLDEN DREAMS is a food supplement based on Melatonin.

DR. ORGANIC AromaTherapy - Travel Ease - Aroma Ball 10ml € 11,18 Dr. Organic Aromatherapy - Travel Ease 10ml. A unique remedy combining organic and natural essential oils such as Ginger, Grapefruit, Camphor and Atlas Cedar to help awaken the mind and prepare the senses for exciting new experiences.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Sleep Therapy - Aroma Ball 10ml € 11,18 Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Sleep Therapy 10ml. An organic blend to help with restless, sleepless nights.

SOLGAR FitoWithania 60 vegetarian capsules € 22,90

Votes: 5 Solgar Fitowithania 60 vegetarian capsules. Withania (Withania somnifera Dunal.) Is a plant used for centuries for its many beneficial effects.

PHARMALIFE Passiflora 100% 60 tablets € 10,20 € 17,00

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Research Passiflora 100% 60 tablets. Passion flower is a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia. Recent research verifies that standardized Passion Flower extract reduces anxiety and promotes a positive outlook.

ALTA NATURA Melatonin Drops 20ml € 6,38 € 8,50

Votes: 3 Alta Natura Melatonina Gocce 20ml. Dietary supplement

NATURANDO Melatonina 120 tablets € 7,00 € 10,00

Votes: 6 Naturando Melatonina 120 tablets. Dietary supplement containing Melatonin.

NATURANDO Dortil Complex 50ml € 9,80 € 14,00

Votes: 2 Naturando Dortil Complex 50ml. Natural dietary supplement containing plant extracts.

PHARMALIFE BioMelatonin 15 tablets € 5,70 € 9,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Research BioMelatonin 15 tablets. Thanks to its active ingredients, Biomelatonin is able to effectively counteract the disturbances of the awake sleep rhythm, to assist night rest, insomnia and to calm the states of nervousness. Useful for countering jet lag.

PHARMALIFE Valeriana 100% 60 tablets € 10,80 € 18,00

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Research Valeriana 100% 60 tablets. Valeriana 100% is a highly purified extract, titrated and standardised of Valerian.

ERBA VITA Hydroalcoholic Extract - Valerian 50ml € 8,48 € 10,60

Votes: 1 Erba Vita Estratto Idroalcolico - Valeriana 50ml. Dietary supplement

4+ NUTRITION REM+ 60 capsules € 13,00 € 20,00

Votes: 3 4+ Nutrition REM+ 60 capsules. REM + is a food supplement based on plant extracts and melatonin, with tryptophan and vitamin B6. The product is able to promote relaxation in the event of stress, thanks to the presence of valenana and escolzia and to contrast the localized states of tension, thanks to the action of the red poppy.

NATROL Melatonin 1mg 180 tablets € 8,90

Votes: 2 Natrol Melatonin 1mg 180 tablets. Melatonin serves as the body’s biological clock, managing the sleep and wake cycles.

ERBA VITA Junior Line - Calma B Fluid 150ml € 11,52 € 14,40

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Calma B Fluido 150ml. Induces physiological rest at night. Induces sleep in children. Excellent sedative to help ease nervous tension. Combats anxiety.

ERBA VITA Lietoson - Drops 50ml € 10,32 € 12,90

Votes: 4 Erba Vita Lietoson - Gocce 50ml. Useful in case of: sprains, trauma, contusions, bruises and oedematous states.

ERBA VITA Tablets - Valerians 125 tablets € 8,80 € 11,00

Votes: 4 Erba Vita Tavolette - Valeriana 125 tablets. Dietary supplement

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Passionflower 60 capsules € 8,80 € 11,00

Votes: 4 Erba Vita Capsule Monoplanta - Passiflora 60 capsules. Dietary supplement

JAMIESON Valerian 60 capsules € 13,52

Votes: 4 Jamieson Valerian 60 capsules. Valerian relieves insomnia and promotes restful sleep while relaxing tense muscles.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Regexil® EU Version 30 tablets € 13,99

Votes: 13 Not available Yamamoto® Nutrition Regexil® EU Version 30 tablets. Regexil® is a supplement designed for sleep disorders, especially for insomnia due to external causes such as high-intensity workouts or overtraining, various kinds of psychophysical stress, or due to different time zones, work shifts etc.

SPECCHIASOL SereNotte Plus 30 tablets € 8,10 € 13,50

Votes: 1 Not available Specchiasol SereNotte Plus 30 tablets. SERENOTTE PLUS 1mg is a food supplement with plant extracts and melatonin to help you relax.