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Anxiety Stress

The pathological anxiety is not just a transient discomfort, but an abnormal reaction that interferes seriously with the psycho-intellectual performance, preventing to fix your mind on issues and specific situations and process them, limiting the ability to perform activities occur abituali.Può at any time of life (most of the time in the most critical moments or in front of extreme choices).

Anxiety Stress
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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Iperico 60 tablets $ 10,97 $ 12,19

Votes: 27 Yamamoto® Research Iperico 60 tablets. Commonly known as St John's wort, hypericum is today mostly known as a powerful serotonergic and therefore a natural antidepressant, expressly indicated for the treatment of depressive states accompanied by emotional anxiety.

ERBAVOGLIO DepurStress $ 26,01 $ 31,72 Erbavoglio DepurStress. Dietary supplement based on Ashwagandha, Desmodio and Magnolia.

ERBAVOGLIO Stress & Ansia Gocce N 5 Stanchezza $ 15,01 $ 18,30

ERBAVOGLIO Stress & Ansia N.4 50ml $ 15,01 $ 18,30 Erbavoglio Stress & Ansia 50ml

ERBAVOGLIO Griffonia 50 capsules of 450mg $ 18,01 $ 21,96 Erbavoglio Griffonia 50 capsules of 450mg

ERBAVOGLIO DepurStress - Drink 500ml $ 28,01 $ 34,16

Votes: 1 ErbaVoglio DepurStress - Drink 500ml. Dietary supplement with Milk Thistle, Boldo, Indian Winter Cherry, Desmodium and Turmeric.

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Propositiv 30 tablets $ 17,57 $ 21,96 Bios Line VitaCalm - Propositiv 30 tablets. VitaCalm Propositiv contains Safralyin, powder of Saffron stigmas, useful for promoting normal mood and Bacopa extract, a plant that grows in India and in tropical areas, useful for mental well-being.

LINEA ACT Ansia Act 21 softgels $ 6,28 $ 12,08 Linea Act Ansia Act 21 softgels. ACT Anxiety, thanks to its exclusive formula of 80mg of lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia Miller), promotes relaxation and helps regain a normal mood without inducing sleepiness.

BOIRON Rilassamento - Passiflora Incarnata 60 ml $ 14,54 $ 18,18 Boiron Rilassamento - Passiflora Incarnata 60 ml.The aerial parts of Passiflora promote relaxation in case of stress and the physiological gastrointestinal motility.

SPECCHIASOL Ansiolev Tisana 20 sachets of 1,5 grams $ 7,71 $ 9,64 Specchiasol Ansiolev Tisana 20 sachets of 1,5 grams. Functional herbal tea with a relaxing effect thanks to the presence of Linden. Chamomile and Passiflora make it ideal at any time of the day for a break from the frenzy of everyday life and to facilitate a state of mental well-being.

BOIRON Macerato Glicerinato - Tilia Tomentosa 60ml $ 14,54 $ 18,18 Boiron Macerato Glicerinato - Tilia Tomentosa 60ml. The glycerin macerate of Tilia tomentosa has a spasmolytic, sedative and anxiolytic activity that can be used in case of anxious syndromes, palpitations and stress. Furthermore, thanks to the action on the production of serotonin, it helps to improve mood. Linden can help in case of insomnia: it promotes falling asleep and helps to increase the duration of sleep without causing side effects or addiction.

BOIRON Rilassamento - Valeriana Officinalis 60ml $ 14,54 $ 18,18 Boiron Rilassamento - Valeriana Officinalis 60ml. Valerian root and rhizome promote physiological sleep and relaxation in case of stress. Valeriana officinalis is a plant that grows in humid places such as temperate forests and along waterways. Native to the European and Asian continents, it can be found throughout Europe and also grows in North America.

NATURAL POINT t Magnesium Supreme Night Relax 150 grams $ 19,28 $ 24,40 Natural Point Magnesium Supreme Night Relax 150 grams. Magnesio Supremo® Notte Relax, brings specific useful ingredients when you need to relax. In fact, the formula provides melatonin and vitamin B6 to which are added two plant extracts of Italian origin: lemon balm and chamomile essential for their physiological role.

METAGENICS MetaRelax 84 sachets $ 43,32 $ 58,55 Metagenics MetaRelax 84 sachets. Food supplement based on vitamins, magnesium and taurine, in single-dose sachets. It is a complete formulation based on magnesium to be used in situations of stress (folic acid), fatigue (folic acid, magnesium, vitamin B6, B12) and in case of muscle fatigue (magnesium, vitamin D).

TERRANOVA Calma Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules $ 33,50 $ 39,41 Terranova Calma Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules. Calma Synergy food supplement is a Terranova supplement with a relaxing and calming action, capable of supporting the individual response to stressful events, which can induce worries, stress, anxiety and sleep-related problems. The mix of plant extracts and synergistic micronutrients acts specifically on a mental level, supporting our brain to better manage stressful situations and all the problems that follow.

NAMED Sedanam Bimbi $ 17,73 $ 20,62

LABOREST Pineans Day 30 sachets of 1,8 grams $ 24,91 $ 30,38 Laborest Pineans Day 30 sachets of 1,8 grams. Pineans Day is a food supplement based on Lactium, Hawthorn, Passiflora, Valerian, Rodiola and Griffonia. Hawthorn, Passiflora and Griffonia contribute to mental well-being. Passionflower and Valerian promote relaxation (in case of distress). Rodiola and Griffonia contribute to the maintenance of a normal mood.

SANOFI Mag Stress Resist 30 tablets $ 15,71 $ 19,40 Sanofi Mag Stress Resist 30 tablets. Mag stress resist 30 tablets by Sanofi is a food supplement based on natural extracts capable of restoring physiological psychic and mental function. It works thanks to the combination of its active constituents, capable of acting on several levels as regards the well-being of mental health. In particular: rhodiola rosea extract has tonic -adaptive properties, ideal for adapting the mind to stressful situations; vitamin b9 helps the body to resist stress, making it more resilient; vitamin b6 contributes to normal psychological function. Composition: magnesium of marine origin, dry extract of rhodiola rosea, vitamin b6, b9.

HERBALGEM Energem GC28 Bio 10ml $ 15,46 $ 18,18 Herbalgem Energem GC28 Bio 10ml. The natural richness of its active ingredients based on macerates, fluid extracts, hydrolates and mother tinctures makes it effective in case of tiredness or reduced vitality. This complex is especially suitable for people who are constantly stressed, who do not have the opportunity to recover and calm down.

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso K $ 13,91 $ 17,02

ABOCA Valeriana Plus 30 capsules $ 11,31 $ 13,79

Votes: 1 Aboca Valeriana Plus 30 capsules. Valeriana Plus is a formula made with the Whole Phytocomplex Concentrate of Valerian root

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Ansistop $ 17,57 $ 21,96

BIOS LINE MigraLen $ 9,76 $ 12,20

SPECCHIASOL AnsioLev Gocce 20 ml $ 14,64 $ 18,30

Votes: 4 Specchiasol AnsioLev Gocce 20 ml. Complemento alimenticio indicado para quienes sufren un fuerte estrés emocional con inquietud, nerviosismo y estado de agitación. Anticipándose a la exposición a condiciones de estrés intenso (ensayo, prueba, examen, procedimientos dentales, lugares concurridos, espacios abiertos o cerrados). El efecto antiestrés general es el resultado de la actividad sinérgica de los ingredientes individuales.

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